Staying healthy during a lockdown


It’s easy to overlook skincare routines when you’re not leaving the house, but healthy skin generally dovetails with a healthy body

Countries across the world are experiencing unprecedented national lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many European nations have effectively closed down, with public movement restricted in ways not even seen during wartime. Hundreds of millions of people are adjusting to a new and frightening reality of being forced to stay at home, unable to work or go to school, and effectively barred from partaking in social or leisure activities.

The challenges of maintaining fitness during a lockdown

It’s impossible to say how long the blanket limitations currently being imposed by panicked governments will endure. The Chinese region of Wuhan where Covid-19 originated was locked down for exactly two months before restrictions were eased, and life remains far from normal even though citizens can now visit parks and walk the streets once again. Lockdowns of Western nations may persist even longer, depending how infection and mortality rates evolve. And in the meantime, sporting facilities are all closed, social gatherings like Park Run events are cancelled, and even taking a brisk walk twice a day could incur the wrath of the authorities.


While politicians try to formulate lockdown exit strategies, it’s critically important for citizens to do everything in their power to stay well. That doesn’t just mean disinfecting door handles or self-isolating. It means remaining fit and active wherever possible, from daily indoor fitness routines through to maintaining skincare routines. 

These are some of Cannalogica’s tips for staying in shape during a lockdown:

Sanitize whenever you come home

Even a brief excursion outside may expose you to Coronavirus, so avoid touching your face wherever possible. Wash your hands and face as soon as you come home, disinfecting any handles or surfaces you touched on your way in.

Develop indoor exercise routines

Missing your gym stepper? Use your stairs to work out the same muscle groups. Needing to pump iron? Order a set of weights online and create a daily program of activities. Physical activities with your kids may be appreciated by everyone.

Look for online resources

From yoga and mindfulness classes to virtual workouts, the internet is more invaluable than ever. There are YouTube channels covering a wealth of indoor sports, hobbies and activities, while Google can also turn up unexpected resources.

Don’t overlook your mental health

Being sequestered at home can easily lead to depression and anxiety. Keep in touch with colleagues online, ring loved ones every day to check in, do breathing exercises in stressful moments, and sign up for an online mindfulness class.

Eat healthily

Panic buying subsiding as people get used to lockdowns, so fruit and veg should be readily available. There’s no need to rely on freezer meals or home deliveries when you’re at home all day, with time to follow online recipes and use fresh ingredients.

Look after your skin

It’s easy to overlook skincare routines when you’re not leaving the house, but healthy skin generally dovetails with a healthy body. Cannalogica offers a range of balms, oils, masques and moisturizers which will keep your skin in optimal condition.

Stay hydrated

Whether you have Coronavirus or not, it’s critically important to drink plenty. Down at least four large glasses of tap water a day, stock up on rehydration sachets in case you end up losing fluids through illness, and dress lightly to avoid excess perspiration.

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