Sport, Sweat and Skincare


Maintaining healthy skin showcases our overall wellbeing, and it doesn’t take much to keep skin in peak condition

Exercise is usually accompanied by a focus on certain aspects of physical wellbeing, such as pulse rates and stamina. The effects of exercise on our muscles and tissue are less commonly recognized, and the impact of physical exertion on our skin is rarely mentioned. As a result, many people overlook the effects sports and fitness can have on the skin. Yet maintaining healthy skin showcases our overall wellbeing, and it doesn’t take much to keep skin in peak condition.


Exercise naturally causes the pores in our skin to emit sweat, as a method of cooling ourselves down. Working up a sheen in the gym or the park is a perfectly normal occurrence. 

What’s less natural is the way some people respond to this natural phenomenon:

  • Covering your face in make-up prior to working out effectively causes the pores in your skin to clog, potentially causing bacterial build-up and accelerating the onset of acne.
  • Letting hair fall across your face can allow any products the hair contains to leach onto the skin (having similar effects to make-up), while strands of hair can irritate hot, sweaty skin.
  • Leaving sweat to dry on your skin after exercising also affects bacteria levels and dehydration, as well as distorting the skin’s natural pH.
  • Applying harsh chemicals such as granular scrubs can strip moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry and prone to redness, irritation and cracking.

There is a balance to be struck after exercise between removing excess sweat and sebum without depriving the skin of the moisture and hydration it needs to function. 

These are Cannalogica’s tips for maintaining healthy skin:

  • Always wash your face immediately after a workout. This delicate skin requires more care than other parts of the body, so use facial wipes if it’s not possible to wash or shower.
  • Avoid harsh or abrasive materials. This isn’t the time for oat scrubs or exfoliators packed with chemicals like sodium lauryl. Look for soft cleansers containing natural oils instead.
  • Don’t completely dry the skin. Water is a natural moisturizer, and there is evidence that leaving smudges of water to air-dry prevents tightness and dryness later in the day.
  • Tackle inflammation with a serum or moisturizer, which will soothe angry or dry skin, before applying other necessary products like sunscreen or make-up.
  • Don’t forget to rehydrate your body. Smoothies, enhanced waters and sports drinks all contribute to maintaining healthy skin by replenishing moisture lost during exercise.

Cannalogica skincare products have been carefully formulated to replenish nutrients and moisture, maintaining healthy skin without causing the overproduction of natural oils which may lead to greasiness and outbreaks. This is in addition to the wider health qualities of products like our Muscle Recovery Balm, which have been endorsed by UFC fighter Darren Till. Currently in training for a high-profile fight in August against Robert Whitaker in Dublin, Darren’s training and recovery is being aided through his sponsorship by Cannalogica. Darren recently conducted an interview [link] where he discussed how Cannalogica products are helping him to reach and maintain peak physical condition, from his skin to his muscles.

If you’d like to give your skin the first-class treatment demanded by a UFC fighter, visit our Products page to view the full range of Cannalogica skincare and beauty products.

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