The Skincare Essentials Box Set



Comes packaged in a beautifully designed sustainable compact box with a slide cover.

This Essential Kit combines Cannalogica’s best selling and award winning products. Activate your body’s endocannabinoid system with the three products inside. Use regularly to hydrate, moisturise and detoxify with the power of cannabis and other natural ingredients.

Reviews (241)

241 reviews for The Skincare Essentials Box Set

  1. Beth Jones

    Definitely recommend buying this set. The masque followed by the oil is perfection!

  2. Spiros

    If you are serious about your facial regiment then this is the box set for you!! The combination of these 3 products is exactly what my skin needed! Left me Glowing!

  3. jackipisani9

    I’m not usually a fan of the cannabis stuff but this oil is so hydrating yet very good for sensitive skin

  4. amy_hoskins_777

    I love my glam bag! It has everything that I need, and the color of the nail polish is so pretty.

  5. luzdelafire


  6. janderson1105

    Love this product so far.

  7. Wattylid

    This is a great clean product I been using on my. Skin too

  8. alyse188276

    It does smell a bit like marijuana. But it is a great moisturizer!

  9. Chuya_B

    It has kept my skin feeling soft

  10. sweetkristina2

    Love vegan, cruelty-free products!!!! Always a guilt-free indulgence and with this product, it’s a nourishing and hydrating one at that! The light fragrance is nice and sweet, but not overbearing. Great quality.

  11. Christina_moller

    Sinks in quickly. Pleasant to use

  12. erinviera

    Ive never tired it but i absolutely love face oils!

  13. nicole038249

    Love this product much more than I thought I would!

  14. laurenybauer

    I love facial oils and was really excited to receive this product. It has a really nice smell with the other essential oils added, though it’s primarily a CBD oil product. The peppermint oil is an interesting addition to the formula—I don’t have any face products with that in it. It def covers the CBD scent.

  15. lakrusz

    New to using face oils. I like the extra hydration I get, especially living in the desert.

  16. jaimebrookemccarty

    Love face oils! Im excited to give this a try!

  17. royboysgirl82

    I absolutely love this it’s the perfect facial oil and it smells exactly like a lemon drop

  18. meryle86

    Only used it a couple times so far but seems really nice! Interesting brand I hadn’t heard of before.

  19. karen_little1982

    This oil.makes my skin feel so soft but it doesnt make me feel greasy either.

  20. brownlarryn

    I use this after my Emerald oil by Herbivore and before I moisturize with a few drops of my 111skin rose gold radiance booster and my skin has been GLOWING!! #inlove

  21. krystalosborne

    Great product

  22. Torres0227

    I’ve probably got enough face oils go last me 3-5 years

  23. Adrianfrancesowen36


  24. brandyranly

    I’ll admit it when I first got this I flubbed up a bit and put a line across my forehead and short lines across my cheek bones and attempted to massage a small puddle into my face basically. My second use was a lot better and more controlled and it turned out great. I did a couple of drops on my forehead I drop on each cheek and I drop on my chin massaged it all in easily brought any extra down my chin to my decolletage and it does not leave my skin oily feeling but it leaves it hydrated. I kind of like the smell too it’s it’s a little manly but it’s good. I would probably buy this in store

  25. marie_y_curiel

    I love face oil

  26. Tifrenee82

    Not sticky , very moisturizing on my face

  27. brandythms8

    Amazingly I can use this and I can’t use any oil. It may even be helping some of my skin issues (shocking)

  28. StartAngel82

    Feels good and didnt make my skin feel all greasy

  29. jreneeeberle

    Feels amazing on my skin!

  30. ldylk21

    The oil felt great and provided good hydration

  31. vero3035


  32. joyceann82

    This face oil smells soooo good!

  33. tammyfrank8218

    Love how soft and hydrated this makes my skin feel.

  34. erinjasonviera

    Love facial oils!!

  35. meghanlightfoot

    Smells nice & applys well.

  36. psychvisionary


  37. esmatrana

    Maybe no thc in the future

  38. Steffy7882

    This feels and smells amazing! I personally smell lemongrass (just in case anyone wondered if it smelled like cannabis)

  39. prbeba2006

    Love this face oil my skin is really dry and this oil makes it feel soft

  40. missamazing

    This ended up being my hero product for September.. love these types of oils!

  41. ckidwell

    Nice glowing skin after use

  42. pamcakes4evr

    Love the hemp aspect! Keeping it All NATURAL! But I do have semi oily skin…

  43. jssdonnelly

    Compared to other facial oils this did not itch my skin so i will say it was good

  44. lindz221

    Really great scent of lemongrass. Fantastic hydration!

  45. kar4ah

    Love it, feels hydrating and great smell.

  46. AmberAnneWaz

    Really like so far

  47. smurfygirl1

    My face loves the oil, especially after a scrub!

  48. leftventriclearts

    Feels LOVELY on

  49. tarajk82

    I have super dry skin so I loved this

  50. hlywdiana

    I’ve never used a hydrating oil before and probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t get this in my bag. I always thought they’d be too heavy and clogging. This stuff smells citrus like and it’s wonderful. I’ve been using it at night and I’m really loving how soft my skin feels in the morning.

  51. Danidotlich

    Smella great, soaks in fast

  52. clemmer2

    Love these oils. More please

  53. cassiepphillips30

    This oil wasn’t what I expected!!I tend to get oily on my cheeks and t-zone and I’m very cautious about the oils I use and usually use them before bed!!But I loved this full spectrum oil it was soothing and calming and hydrating without being oily or overly sticky!!!It absorbs nicely on clean skin and I like to put it on slightly damp skin with my “the ordinary hyaluronic acid 2% + b5 “..It really does help healing and promote the skin too glow and look healthy!!!

  54. Hunny

    Big fan of face oil. Thank you

  55. earthangel2030

    Love this ..

  56. Marci0216

    Hydrating and light.

  57. mahlfeld

    Very nice product! The reviews speak for themselves!

  58. RMS1180

    Its light and does not leave too much sheen!

  59. susanaanderson90

    I love this oil and it smells great my skin feels so much better already.

  60. mamakatt38

    I love face oils. I love face oils with CBD even mire. I cant wait to start using this when I finish the CBD oil I am currently using.

  61. marymcdance

    This oil is lovely! Smells great, will last forever since you only need a couple drops and absorbs wonderfully. Very happy to receive this!

  62. karaschell12

    This stuff is so moisturizing my face like drinks it up. It goes on smooth and honestly my skin feels all smooth and silky throughout the day

  63. Klja2367

    Im not an oil user… At the end of the day my skin produces enough oil. But as a night regime it works great make my undereyes feel soft and produces a nice shine that i dont get on my own. But it doesnt feel oily and gross like others.

  64. c1oud9

    Makes my skin feel amazing

  65. m282003

    Work well!

  66. vettels6

    Not too oily, sinks in will

  67. Hollysnewday2017

    Ive used this every day since it came. Love the feel of it on my face and how my skin looks after using it. My girlfriend would not notice if i lost half my fingers and all my toes so for her to comment on how good my skin looks when i get done applying this say a lot! So I’ll definatley be buying this when I’m out.

  68. marybethdew

    Feels great on the skin! Sinks in and thoroughly moisturizes! Love it

  69. kix007

    I’m a huge fan of facial oil, it keeps my skin clear, smooth and I feel like I can see an improvement in less wrinkles. This one does not disappoint! Love the texture and the smoothness as it is being applied.

  70. akathleen

    I use this at night before I go to bed, it feels sooo good on my skin. And smells AMAZING, the lemongrass is so calming. If I could I’d bathe in this oil

  71. jlk1881

    Excited to get this!

  72. fitchgerri

    I LOVE it!!! Instant gratification!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  73. sarah0784

    Very rich feeling, super smooth. Leaves skin feeling hydrated. Smell is amazing.

  74. naomiest

    Feels great! That green oregano has a very light scent and gave me a giggle. I see what they’re doing there, lol.

  75. willowlilly_60

    I love this facial oil. My skin is calm, moisturized and so soft.

  76. dany_col_dubuc

    Sooo smooth inmt skin

  77. nyvkelly

    Dries fast

  78. traymer81

    Instant results and will get more

  79. jelibelle

    Goes on nicely on the skin. You don’t need too much.

  80. 217collier1

    Love it. Don’t mind the smell either bc it’s natural

  81. tamtamholt1981

    Can’t wait to try

  82. carrie_3_smith

    Gave this to my daughter who has psoriasis (beginning stages or it) on her face…it helped calm the spots and it making them go away! So so amazing!

  83. rodriqueznancy81

    I liked it . ..

  84. crystal_trainmydog

    I don’t really use face oils BUT this one I was happy to receive, and happy to report that I love it!!!!

  85. adrinaelaine

    Makes my skin feel silky smooth without clogging.

  86. billiejofiske

    I can’t wait to try it.

  87. jmesutton

    Smells and feels amazing

  88. eratocalliope

    I love this face oil! I’m a big fan of Hemp products and how well they sooth and calm my skin. This is no exception. It works marvelously with the Dr Eve.Ryouth Vitamin C night cream (I use it during the day bc I use retinol at night) and the Dr. Brandt Time Defying Cream. I mix this oil with these two moisturizers all from Ipsy for a long lasting glow. I have dry skin and it’s perfect. I would totally purchase this oil again.

  89. justinga81

    Made my skin feel plump for a full day!

  90. walker_maryelizabeth

    Odd scent, but it doesn’t last. Did make my skin feel hydrated and no oily/slick/sticky feel once it’s absorbed

  91. nikikym

    I absolutely LOVE this product! Great for guasha treatments and I woke up to my face being so refreshed and moisturized! Cant wait to use it more!

  92. ludingual

    Amazing not greasy, great moisturizer

  93. shimmee81

    Like this product

  94. AmandaTheMom

    Love canabis products

  95. juliaruiz33


  96. Jay81

    Smells herbaceous in a good way. It’s a lovely face oil, perfect for my normal skin type.

  97. terra_poisson

    Obsessed!!! OMGGGG As usual, Ipsy killed it again with the great selections and quality. Happy girl over here! Thanks!!!! XO

  98. Anjil-DeVries

    Love it

  99. ebeacham13

    I absolutely love this face oil. It makes my skin feel amazing and soft. Ive not had good luck with face oils but I love this one!!

  100. kihimsa

    I love this! I put thos on and use a red light therapy wand. My skin looks great!

  101. gigidean88

    Love it

  102. AOKMBK1013

    This made my skin feel amazing

  103. TheTrustShow

    Light and absorbs quickly. Absolutely love the smell!!

  104. tinamcarlsonyes

    I love oil it’s so much lighter on my skin. It has a kind of lemon smell.

  105. shannon_mamer

    This is a wonderful oil with a very light minty scent. Definitely makes my skin soft!

  106. aftonservas

    My skin transitioned from combination to oily after I turned thirty. I struggled to find moisturizers that left my face feeling hydrated without leaving it feeling & looking greasy. Enter facial oils. While it may seem counterintuitive, oils are the answer if your skin falls on the oily side of the spectrum. This oil is light & luxurious. I use it as a nightime moisturizer, & it provides the perfect amount of hydration.

  107. courtneylboyle

    This is a great lightweight calming oil

  108. Undeniablelee

    Nice oil

  109. theresa7428

    So far this hydration oil is nice, I feel very hydrated after using it. Love it

  110. sarajewellefisher

    This oil is so nice! Made my skin glowy and it’s very soothing. My makeup looked amazing over it too

  111. Tmontes33


  112. mna_n

    Love how it feels on my skin! Doesn’t feel on my skin like an “oil”
    The smell is really good (although it makes me sneeze when I first put it on but I’m just very sensitive to smells)

  113. carmenpedicino

    Love face oils, and can’t wait to try this one! I have a couple I’m using up so don’t want to open this yet, especially since it’s clean, as clean products tend to expire faster due to less preservatives. I have high hopes due to the cbd formulation.

  114. monescakepops

    Love it!

  115. puma5771

    Love this oil!! Perfect for the dry winter months coming

  116. varelaw

    It’s very hydrating, my skin loves it.

  117. amberjsimon

    Really love the slight glow but major calming properties of this facial oil. Not greasy or heavy.

  118. mwawarofsky

    My absolute favorite face oil!

  119. daneleshoemaker

    So nice. Really works to hydrate my skin without being greasy.

  120. reneeyell

    I love any face oils!

  121. ataylorgirl43

    Love this oil. Soaks right up and doesn’t leave your skin feel greasy. I use it every day!

  122. allyburns12371

    Very nice oil. Pleasant smell!

  123. karaspear78

    Not a fan of this product but I didn’t choose it

  124. livingunbridled

    Super nice oil not hydrating but softens skin and gives a wonderful glow of healthy skin

  125. allknowingfairy69

    Love how it takes so little

  126. cynthia_quillen0210

    My skin feels amazing every time I use this.

  127. ehayden18

    Made my face feel so moisturized and soft. I also liked the fact that it’s a natural product and not full of chemicals.

  128. hannisecrest

    The smell is amazing. The oil leaves behind a soft, moisturized skin without the stickiness of many oils.

  129. Marymar2

    First time using it loved how it made my skin feel

  130. langfuhr

    Love this, skin so supple

  131. Chamama41

    Very smooth and soft skin

  132. marybainbridge

    Love this oil!!!!

  133. natashamathis1980

    It smells amazing!!!!

  134. bethanyspsychicvisio

    Kept my skin moisturized all day and a healthy glow. Very nice scent also.

  135. jensmi2000

    I cant use CBD oils, however; my husband loves using this one so its a win!

  136. miashort2003

    Love this! I have really oily skin and face oils usually make me look super oily, but not this one. It sank into my skin after about 3 minutes and made it look plump and hydrated. And it smells like lemon grass, which is nice. I’ve been using the Sunday Riley good genes at night and this face oil in the morning and it has made my skin look amazing, what a combo!

  137. ap0298675


  138. alwysswt

    Really nice and light facial oil

  139. CrystMDaugh

    So Exciting!!!!

  140. butterflyariver

    Feels very nice. Smells is not bad at all.

  141. cacomfort

    Smells amazing!

  142. Faithmarina143

    Very nice face oil! A little goes a long way!!

  143. mariea144

    Smells great feels good üëç

  144. lisab233

    This product gave my skin a nice glow all day. The face oil also smells amazing!

  145. mindybeene14

    I absolutely love this! I need this type of moisture. The sent is wonderful!

  146. geoloca32

    Not always a huge fan of oils but this is nice

  147. jose3jr2li

    Smells clean and feels amazing

  148. foxme2

    I’m really excited to use this one. It will be a lil bit I’m still using another

  149. kristinjeanhayes

    I’m so excited to try this product and so happy IPSY chose it for me. The box has great directions and details too, which I love.

  150. slatersbrgirl

    This stuff is awesome! Just using it 2 days made a difference with my dry skin. Absorbs quickly, gives skin a glow.

  151. dwkenaston

    Smells wonderful and a great alternative to Herbavore’s Emerald.

  152. jessimschade

    Very hydrating. Feels nice on the skin

  153. Angie2345

    Love it! Makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated

  154. amyaskew79

    Smells great!

  155. jwholey27


  156. corrinaleyva

    Smell is great! Very moisturizing

  157. kjb6879

    Too oily for daytime use, but great oil with great ingredients for nighttime use. The best face oil I’ve ever tried hands down for nighttime use however was Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

  158. Tropele1016

    Left skin soft and moisturized

  159. bethstiverson


  160. thomfam1705

    I love the way my face felt after using it for a few days. I really love the smell of it.

  161. carischmitt

    It’s not too oily. I love how it feels on my skin.

  162. t_tiffany97

    It is very indulging to my skin ,I would recomend anyone to give it a go to see the glow in their face

  163. BritDenise

    Love the scent. Made my skin dewy and fresh

  164. breannlisa

    Better than expected

  165. starandstrip

    Nice lightweight oil to use alone or over moisturizer.

  166. free2bme132003

    A little bit goes a long way with this product. It goes on smoothly and absorbs very quickly.


    I love this Cannalogica facial oil! It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so refreshed and younger. I would recommend.

  168. ekat826

    It’s lovely but the smell

  169. tamtaylor13

    Love the smell of this !

  170. muleymo


  171. Cnmigirl

    Smells good

  172. danny3246

    I love this Face oil

  173. jean_mellen

    absolutely an amazing product

  174. daphnemartinez13

    Love skincare , this face oil is light and feels good

  175. francellisquinones

    It is great moisture and smells amazing, lemongrass.

  176. corteztonya97

    Smells very strongly of citrus. Absorbs into skin quickly. I really like it even if it has a citrusy smell

  177. dreamer361979

    Not greasy. Soaks right in . Leaves skin smooth and soft

  178. jpineda_6

    I loved how this feels and smells

  179. maria0309vega

    Is very good product, leave the face very hydrated and smooth.

  180. caren_miles

    Smells great. Feels light, which was surprising for a face oil.

  181. stephaniebouliane

    Light, refreshing, and doesn’t clog my pores. Smells so good I want to eat it!!! Like fresh citrus.

  182. Kkeag


  183. yadilo77

    I can’t wait to try it

  184. Jwoz

    I like this face oil. It’s light enough where it doesn’t make my face look oily and actually does what it says it’s supposed to do

  185. Calishacrabtree

    Really nice face oil!

  186. sharonrich710

    Omgness. I have never used Cannalogica but I love it now. Nice brightening face oil. Gives my skin a nice plumping glow. Perfect!

  187. kozybear

    Feels good

  188. marvino45

    First time trying this brand. I like this oil, it smells nice and when I use it at night, my skin feels so hydrated and youthful in the morning. I also notice that I don’t have as much redness which is a plus.

  189. angela4frank48

    Wearing a mask u have to us it

  190. yeemaychind

    I’ve used this twice. I like it so far.

  191. elizabeth_rivas

    Very hydrated face oil I love it

  192. lisakim78

    Nice product!

  193. zrugamas

    Love face oils.

  194. nydiagml

    Good Product !!!

  195. JaneanJesch

    I have extremely dry skin, especially on my face and this helps with that when not much else does!

  196. jann7799

    I’m actually really liking this new brand that has been introduced to ipsy. The smell is great. I love the dropper. Easy to apply and glides on the skin very nicely

  197. amanda_romeis

    I really like the smell of this serum and I think it works well, I would like to know if this will help any acne spots or if it I will end up with more acne d/t the serum/oil

  198. 1alphavaldez

    me like!!!!

  199. kristinsnow330

    Love face oils. Excited to try.

  200. malenfantstacy

    I like to try new products. Looking forward to try it.

  201. moki0678

    Goes on nicely and didn’t cause me to breakout like most new products do. Very rarely can I add this type of product to my skin care regimen without it causing horrible breakouts but this one worked like a charm!

  202. emaroseb

    I love the smell of this and it feels great on my skin.

  203. frenchimcqueeney

    Was excited when I received this in bag. Will be sharing with a friend as she likes it also

  204. Lexiegurl

    I can’t wait to try this brand

  205. michelleghrk

    I’m still using the Herbivore oil I got last month, so haven’t tried this yet. However, it smells so good, lemongrass, yum! I use a hemp oil daily so this will get used eventually. Look forward to trying it out!

  206. arellanescarmen

    Love the smell, how smooth it feels on my skin

  207. tbunnie35

    Absolutely perfect for a face oil. Not overly oily

  208. crissyfolks

    Nice lightweight oil

  209. beth_ashmead

    So moisturizing!

  210. JodiLeeNading

    Very moisturizing

  211. phoenixbacon

    Goes on oily but disperses quickly into feeling very light weight!

  212. lesleyreid24

    I love the feel of the oil on my dry spots it’s healing

  213. lmpimagine

    I like this product, not to oily and it has great ingredients

  214. dawnhency

    Seems like a great oil so far. It does have a strong scent. It’s not an unpleasant scent and it does fade, but putting it on is strong.

  215. AJ1101

    Smells wonderful! Feels great! üíò

  216. janecook79

    Lovely feel, very nice to use.

  217. yell4becca

    This smells amazing! Skin feels well nourished and happy!

  218. Cindylynn1112

    Leaves my face moisturized and very soft. Nice face oil…

  219. Smcgn99


  220. kellymae1028

    My skin feels amazing!

  221. chestineharris

    Love this oil. Smells amazing and hydrates my dry skin.

  222. Ileana02

    Amazing my face is glow‚ù§

  223. marindacolyer

    Absolutely perfect the best oil I’ve tried. And I have tried them all

  224. jenns9435

    I like the way it feels on my face, but it smells like I am rubbing marijuana on my face. I’m not too crazy about the smell. But If you like the smell of weed on your face, this may be a great product for you

  225. menessaborbon

    Feels so nice

  226. emamjad08

    This is a really nice cbd oil. I used it for my lower back pain and it helped.

  227. incendie77

    Love the feeling this gives my skin. Also, wonderful smell.

  228. amy_nowak

    Love the thickness of the oil

  229. AmyKSlays

    I absolutely love this product! It makes skin so soft once it’s all absorbed. Some people don’t like the smell but I love it! It’s soothing to me.

  230. early5dawn30

    The facial oil is extremely hydrating and refreshing!!

  231. horne_rima

    I love face oils

  232. Austin-chick

    My 1st full spectrum facial product excited to try it!

  233. ccrispi_77

    Love how light this feels on the skin with no sticky residue or feeling and not extremely shiny just right!! It smells soooo good too; I smell lemon üçã the most and is so invigorating and energizing in the morning especially!!

  234. samnat2003

    The smell is so lovely, a little goes a long way as too much would make your face feel greasy.

  235. LadyBarbour

    Love this face oil and love that it’s a clean product!

  236. emmajanesmommy

    Smooth as butter!

  237. jamiebianco

    Nice face oil. Skin feels calm and hydrated with use

  238. ccmomma1977

    I was really nervous about using this only because I have a really oily t-zone, However I woke up this morning and my face feels fantastic. I’m really excited to add it to my evening regimen.

  239. jennifergatke

    Pleasantly surprised that this oil wasn’t over oily. It absorbs quick, 2 drops was all i needed. My skin glowed after i used it

  240. Kaynick1

    I love clean beauty products and face oil. My skin is dry and I can’t wait to try it. Good ingredients

  241. drbeachgomez

    Hydrates without greasy feel

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