Pimple Obliterator



Formulated with a powerful blend of blemish-fighting Ingredients, including Salicylic Acid and Natural Cranberry Extract which are both known to minimise the appearance of acne and blemishes on direct application. Accompanied and blended with our full spectrum hemp extract, the full formulae acts as an immediate anti-inflammatory reducing redness overnight and decreasing excessive sebum production.


Reviews (252)

252 reviews for Pimple Obliterator

  1. Jamie

    Got rid of any pimples that I had within 3 applications. Perfect for over night and didn’t seem to flare up any redness. I will definitely buy again when needed as there’s quite a lot in bottle!!

  2. Bryannahopess

    I liked the consistency of this oil, it pairs well with my skin routine

  3. 30bllv

    It’s amazing!!! One of the best products ever

  4. AlyssaJo1035

    Works really well.

  5. sgunawan

    Was surprisingly wonderful!! Smell of lemon masks the weed scent as well so it’s an overall really enjoyable face oil

  6. sariahlal4

    Nice clean feel, doesn’t leave my skin feeling too oily and the packaging is pretty. perfect for a gua sha routine

  7. kelseykram3r

    Love this brand and oil so much! It definitely surprised me with how many natural ingredients are in it and the progress ive seen from using it! It is a very thick oil so i wouldnt recommend if you already have oily skin

  8. nicole_hummingbird14

    Love the way it makes my face feel and look. Smells great too!

  9. eastwoodbmak

    Makes my skin so soft and leaves a great glow!!

  10. ebaillargeon5

    Smells so good!

  11. lydiabrown110377


  12. miafloress00

    feels great on my skin absolutely love!

  13. myra224

    Feels thick at first but over few minutes it’s absorbed into skin

  14. conradkayla18

    I really liked this face oil because it didn’t make my skin react badly. Plus I feel that it smelled sooo good!

  15. alenagusenkov

    So far, I’m seeing amazing results from this oil! Leaves my face looking and feeling amazing.

  16. yasirycastro557

    I like the product.

  17. kaitlynnmurphy12345

    Makes my skin feel soo nice and I love that it’s all natural ingredients and that I can feel confident putting it on my face

  18. gomez_katty

    Very hydrating

  19. mandys_other_email

    I’m obsessed with this stuff. I thought it would be like a typical serum but it’s truly an oil that had a long lasting hydrating effect on my face

  20. Mayafebuary

    Really love facial oils. This one has a nice smell to it

  21. nilaa_johnson

    Loveeeeee this product! You only need a little & it makes my skin feel so goood

  22. sara007

    This oil gave me a glowy look and my skin feels so hydrated! It helped calm some redness and flair ups.

  23. erg258900

    This stuff smells heavenly, it’s a nice earthy scent that isn’t anything like cannabis. Also, it’s definitely oily, which qualifies it as a face oil, so I’d say it works as long as you use it properly.

  24. kyliekriner6000

    smells so good and super moisturizing!! keep away from eyes tho :/

  25. ayaislyn


  26. jannell_ramirez

    Smells good can’t wait to try it! Seems very hydrating

  27. dakotaclark119

    Very strong smell thought it was gonna make my face oily but it didn’t definitely recommend

  28. Scarlet_cx

    I never tried a face oil but I’m excited to try this on!

  29. blackleygwendolyn

    I love CBD products!! And I love face oils! Very excited to try

  30. Kristinanev18fl

    This product is great super glowing skin the next morning and my redness pretty much gone

  31. natalia_romero


  32. jailinearballo_0420


  33. rubiokaren59

    Made my skin so supple!

  34. erink991

    This oil has helped clear up my face immensely

  35. karennarteaga13

    the perfect face oil, doesn’t like a sticky feeling and it has made my skin so smooth.

  36. katelynnmorris99

    Has a very strong earthy smell to it but otherwise great

  37. Jamiellefox09

    Not to greasy absorbs great

  38. laurenrhodes27


  39. Ariyacz

    I loved this I even used it on my husband and HE loved it!

  40. ataflinger5432

    I love the smell and the glass bottle it comes in.

  41. potatobody98

    Pretty neat

  42. taylor_skold

    Makes my skin super soft

  43. cbcondon20

    Love this oil so hydrating!

  44. paolaoro98

    so far i like it, i think i need to use it longer to really see results but it seemed to help fade away my breakouts in a matter of 2 days, the smell reminds me of a lemon honey cough drop

  45. kayliemoomaw70

    Very hydrating, smells like PEZ dispensers!

  46. destinym82399

    It was not bad I actually liked it but I’m not a fan of skin care

  47. lindseynoon15

    Smells amazing

  48. 21theebest

    hydration is real

  49. vixarcher

    Smells delicious

  50. stephanielinares98

    Anything with hemp extract in it is a yes from me 💜🦋

  51. Lissetteee

    The only item I truly loved in this bag SO glad I got it!

  52. dawnroberts006

    Love it!

  53. cierrar143

    This is a super light-weight oil that immediately sinks into my skin. I was worried about the smell but it smells wonderful – lemon grass is mainly what I smell from the ingredients. Will definitely look more into this brand now!

  54. tyzharnay_ransom

    Smells really good

  55. aemeliaoliviajames

    Made me feel beautiful. Good food for the skin…

  56. basoriaveronica

    It made my skin feel amazing

  57. cgtrojans15

    literally the BEST product i’ve ever used to hydrate/moisturize my dry skin. literally i’ve tried every type of moisturizer, serum, you name it. this product blows everything out of the water in comparison. my skin was left looking so NATURALLY healthy, i almost can’t even find the words to describe this product. i didn’t use any other product on my face as i was taking a few off days from beautifying lol, wasn’t even expecting too much from this honestly other than general moisture aid & literally jus applied like 3 drops all over face & neck && when i finally caught a glimpse of myself later on, i noticed my skin was literally GLOWING. and im like a very fair skin person in general so i was definitely surprised like i looked like i had a natural tan which i’ve never been tan. && the product didn’t even advertise as a tanner or bronzer or anything, this stuff is a godsend jus take my word, im certain that you’ll thank me for it! like guys i can’t even put into words my adoration for this lil gift from above, likeee love love LOVE.

    (ps, im not even someone who ever leaves like textual reviews or anything other than star-ratings on like anything! if that doesn‚Äôt solidify my sincerity in this review, then i feel sorry for whoever decides to sleep on this stuff lol) 🙂

  58. sm-la

    Feels so good, good smell too!

  59. pinguilove16

    I enjoy face oils a lot and this one had a very natural and herbal smell üòç i totally recommended üëå.

  60. maalezlopez13

    Love this product so much leaves my skin feeling nice & looking clear üíñ 10/10 recommend

  61. cierrabryson97

    Love the texture

  62. franciuc_sarah

    Omg. This is probably my all time favorite face oil so far!

  63. xcakexthexcatx_aj

    Love this product !!! So moisturizing! My acne has been out of control and it’s already healing in two days since using this

  64. Lele3397

    Great for dry skin. It makes my skin feel super moisturized and soft. I also love the smell.

  65. vuscans97

    I’ve never tried this brand before but o can 100% honestly say that it’s doing wonders for my face

  66. annwright0706

    Very hydrating

  67. Ivyrblankenship

    Wow good I usually go fragrance-free or try to with skin care but I really enjoyed the herbal hippie scent

  68. marissalogalbo

    Nice smell

  69. zzygmz

    This smells so good, I used it today with my Gua Sha and it was so relaxing. Love it!

  70. julialass14

    Made my skin look so much more hydrated with no sticky, oily feeling. Great product.

  71. carleighmackenzie98

    LOVE this face oil. Super lightweight, and
    doesn’t break me out. It’s improved my skin so much in a short period of time.

  72. tayvwc

    Makes my skin feel soft and refreshed. Love it!

  73. hayers2120

    I love this makes my face feel super soft!

  74. katherine85_


  75. shardae364

    It gives my face the glow effect it needs and it smells very good.

  76. claussenjuice97

    I have really sensitive skin and I LOVE CBD so I was super excited to try this. It is now a part of my every day skin care routine and it helps calm my irritation.

  77. hmw608877

    I used it before applying my night time moisturizer and it made my face feel so smooth and fresh

  78. kpurply

    This smells soooo good and easy to apply

  79. analeon2197

    Very hydrating !! Loved it. My skin looks so vibrant and less pale

  80. kirstykinz2

    Love the scent and it feels great on my skin!

  81. eduardoherrera_eh57

    Me encanta

  82. angelulloa5598

    super soft

  83. kpbethany

    I love it!!!!!

  84. sartain_m

    This oil absorbs so quickly into my skin and keeps my face hydrated all day, even with just a few drops

  85. savgarcia00

    I love this oil! It replaced my hemp elf facial oil

  86. bay_lee51315

    Has kept my fave hydrated without clogging pores

  87. nettarules

    Smells really nice im excited to try it out

  88. selbam

    Love it

  89. madalynehammonds

    Love the pipette

  90. lindseyrebecca96

    The smell is exactly what you think it would be, but it leaves your face feeling so so soft!

  91. miqaillaaira

    oils are quite thick for my skin, but this one is great. Leaves my face glowy, super smooth and has a nice scent to it

  92. kaytlinbeachum

    Never have used a face oil before and I love this one !

  93. eeeshulga

    Smells so good!

  94. haleyjaelyndeford

    I love how silky smooth this makes my skin! It seems SUPER oily but it soaks in fast!

  95. mmtg_124

    I LOVED this facial oil! It left my skin looking so silky after just one use! This is something i would definitely start buying and adding to my skin care routine!

  96. sharonmichellekufa

    It smells really nice! Also kept my skin from drying out at night bc I blast the AC !

  97. gp3tersonn

    I think overall the quality is high, my face feels hydrated but not overly oily. I like the smell and I enjoy hemp/cannabis products.

  98. sgordon1248

    MMM, love that CBD smell! I expected this to be way too heavy for my sensitive combo skin, but actually I was surprised! AS LONG AS I only use a few drops, it absorbs well and sits under my moisturizer well without making me oily. I love the hydration and hear good things about CBD so we’lll see if it improves skin over time, looking forward to using it more!

  99. kristenharlin1234

    Finally got a face oil and I’ve been needing one to use after my routine to seal everything in so awesome win for this one!

  100. darlenemariesamselpi

    This is perfect for calming down you’re irritated skin. Smell strongly of lemon üçã tho.

  101. ArrieAnna

    I tried it last night and I really enjoyed it

  102. breana_blowers


  103. billilondin

    This brand soaks into skin really well. It works great with a gua sha or a stainless steel roller. Frozen at best. It has a strong citus undertone to it. It is probably one of the best ive tried thus far. 10/10

  104. ayitawahya

    The smell is amazing and it works really well!

  105. tnjackson37

    I have been looking for a really great facial oil and this is so nice. Skin feels hydrated, but my pores don’t feel clogged.

  106. hollyrich44


  107. Lexxijean

    Wasn’t a fan of the smell but it worked well with my skin. A little goes a long way.

  108. jasmineesp96

    Love it. Makes my face feel refreshed. It smells so good.

  109. mikaelasears


  110. chern174

    Amazing product! My skin loves it.

  111. mwiinamaki21

    Finally my face feels fresh and moisturized all day!

  112. iarsmith95

    love the smell! makes my skin feel so refreshed.

  113. jessicasamstag

    Love the smell, love everything about this product

  114. lyndseyholinde

    It’s kind of thick for my skin but it makes
    Me face very soft and doesn’t clog my pores like I thought it would. I’ll use it up but I wouldn’t purchase something this thick again

  115. kimberly_koala

    Feels really good

  116. morganstarkey415

    Very smooth, hydrating, and smells like lemons!

  117. deedee5396

    After i clean my face with a coffee mask and use this hydration oil my face feels so fresh and clean and soft. Its the best feeling to have.

  118. kkstoner69

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! It smells amazing and kind of like w e e d and it’s wonderful. I’m buying some more after I run out. It absorbs quick and it softens the skin leaving a healthy glow in my skin, great for oily combo skin. Get it and you won’t regret it.

  119. excalibren

    This oil smells so so so good! Reminds me of Dominican tea made with limoncello leaves, orange leaves, and oregano. So soothing and comforting! 100% recommend

  120. kenziefischer5

    I love using this at night! It’s super hydrating

  121. myrandapickett1384

    Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed

  122. bridgetj_callahan

    Smells AMAZING

  123. jesse_fernandez12

    One of my favorites out of this bag! Made my skin so so soft. Only
    Thing is that it it definitely oily but once it dries it doesn’t look as bad.

  124. klimbly

    Does a better job at soothing my dermatitis than what my dermatologist prescribed.

  125. gilbertsanchez0125

    Love the lemon smell

  126. kitlerandcatstro

    I love this product!

  127. EANDE998

    I love this

  128. Dovah_Maiden

    It smells like lemongrass 100% and i love that. It definitely gives you a hydration boost.

  129. coliecole294

    I dont normally go for hemp seed products, so i wouldnt gravitate towards products like this, but tried it out and i like it! It absorbs fairly quickly into my skin and leaves a nice glow. The smell doesn’t bother me and i actually think the dropper is unique!

  130. yeseniavee


  131. paultom75

    Love it

  132. ksissystonz

    Hands down the best product to use before getting ready for bed, I like the smell I think I found my night time routine with this Cannalogica facial oil and a spritz of Michael kors super gorgeous perfume for a night night routine. I am now using this to get my body sleepy when I use this product ✨👍👍♻️🌱🐇♻️❣️

  133. kimberlyguillot41

    Love it I feel such a difference in my face it’s more hydrated and clearing up more

  134. mafesa_1107

    leave the skin! beautifull!

  135. candace3619


  136. mickey94rodgers

    Smells wonderful, is really great to use as a nighttime moisturizer

  137. vjeschke

    Love this oil!!! It smells amazing and feels so good on my skin.

  138. paigemae2019

    I love facial oils this one is just as good as my other hemp facial oil üëç

  139. desireewallace12

    This is super soothing and hydrating! Only takes a couple drops for entire face! Very happy with this product

  140. becca_songer13

    Feels great and has a pleasant subtle scent!

  141. sennis1938

    This makes my face feel so hydrated and smooth. Has a tiny cannabis scent to it but I also smell the other ingredients in it as well and it’s overall a pleasing smell.

  142. blaggariel

    It smells AMAZING!!

  143. Mcgonzal

    I’ve never tried face oil before but I absolutely love it

  144. tiffaflaherty323

    I’m loving this face oil! It’s super light feeling but definitely hydrating! It smells like lemons which I love!!

  145. zaili_exposito

    Me encanto

  146. rachelnolen123

    Feels amazing on the skin

  147. liz_rains95

    Love this product!!

  148. princesscecemcgee

    Smells like lemongrass, feels amazing

  149. Shenzie

    Pretty packaging and nice ingredients

  150. lali_c_espinoza95

    Can’t wait to use it

  151. megfer95

    Soothes the irritation my skin gets from being dry or breakouts! The smell is pretty nice too.

  152. pnaibabi26

    product was extremely hydrating

  153. bflucas1994

    This product right here is amazing. It has an amazing smell and very easy to apply.

  154. judithefelix94

    Me fascino

  155. ChristianLane

    Smells great. Feels great

  156. weak2warrior0303

    I love that you guys focus on vegan and clean Products great find

  157. Dellable

    I’ve only used this twice but my skin feels soft and it’s smells amazing!

  158. lauren_forcum

    Love the smell

  159. thadnot

    Love this oil, smells good❤️❤️❤️❤️

  160. qualindsey12

    This oil is extremely lightweight and gives your face a nice natural glow. My naturally oily skin is not oily with this. I was skeptical at first but I really do like this product.

  161. hhillphp

    This was a very nice oil that worked with my skin super well and after 3 days of use of this, the cleanser I got in this months bag and my Fenty moisturizer the scaly skin I had on my cheeks and by my nose is gone!!! So yeah 10/10 literally no other combination worked for years of trying.

  162. dpark3

    Will save for the winter months, but very glad this will reduce inflammation and redness due to my break outs. It smells very good as well.

  163. getuhgriplet

    Havent recieved it yet but I’m pretty excited after seeing some reviews

  164. vricchioo

    Love the face oil! Really helped with my dry skin.

  165. katie_s_ruby93

    This didn’t leave my face feeling overly oily and smelled amazing

  166. valenzuela_nicolem

    I love the citrus smell.

  167. senekeremyana

    I like

  168. y2bae1

    Love this oil – I’ve been using it every morning for the past 5 days after cleansing and toning. It absorbs quickly and has a light citrus scent, leaving your skin glowing! I’ve also noticed a reduction of hyperpigmentation from the sunny Summer weather in New Mexico.

  169. fairlycyrla

    this is ultra hydrating but doesn’t make my face feel sticky

  170. maryevelynward

    Love how moisturized my skin feels after using this!

  171. ryanrtyson

    Love it

  172. lauryndylana

    Smells very fresh and citrusy. Feels nice on my skin and helps with hydration. I really like this product. I have used serum before but this is the first facial oil I have used. Now I use this (along with serum) twice daily

  173. sammillette3

    This leaves my face feeling so soft and my face doesn’t break out with using it

  174. taylorblane2

    Love the smell and how hydrated my face felt after. Gave me a good natural glow.

  175. mia_vodanovich

    Smells great and slides on my skin as smooth as butter!

  176. niahardy

    Nice feel on my face. Don’t need too much to be effective

  177. TRayeHayes14

    This is the best thing ive ever put on my face! It feels so good and soaks in amazingly. Plus i think it smells wondeful!

  178. lindastevens1726

    Love it

  179. Mata27Veronica

    Smell throws me off but it’s a good product

  180. courtneybmoyer

    Very refreshing and hydrating!

  181. nicole_guynn

    Smells great

  182. tatev868

    Good quality product. Will continue using to see long term results <3

  183. tikh3015

    Wow i like this items

  184. craftsarahe

    Went on nicely and the smell definitely has the hemp!

  185. seniacarmona12

    Nice face oil but the fragrance is strong

  186. abbey_smiley69

    I enjoyed this serum! It is definitely an oil, but feels very hydrating on my skin and I enjoyed a slight tingling sensation when first apply. I wouldn’t pay full price for this item but would definitely snag it if it popped up on IPSY again!

  187. Heathertorres99

    Love it!

  188. contactvflare

    Perfect kind of moisturizer

  189. mungerskye

    The only face oil I’ve tried that didn’t turn my face into a greasy mess without breakouts, woohoo.

  190. morganevans3810

    Smells amazing, really helps with acne!

  191. Jdwilliams342

    Very moisturizing and smells like peppermint and citrus green tea.

  192. Jizzamie

    This was awesome, I used it all over and my body was so soft.

  193. ehume1

    Smells good and is really hydrating. A little goes a long way with this one

  194. Giulialiv

    I could see the effects of this after a couple of days. I had some hormonal acne and this helped reducing the inflammation. I really like this product

  195. mayara_fsousa

    Obsessed with the smell! It works pretty good, feels good on my skin

  196. tania7x

    I love the feel and the scent is amazing and not too strong

  197. Angelaloftus

    At first I was disappointed to receive face oil since this was picked for me and I own a lot of skin care, especially oils and serums. Surprisingly I really love it! Immediately preferred to my other face oils. This one is super absorbent without feeling too greasy (my main complaint with oils) and I Love the fresh citrus scent. Been using every day with or without moisturizer. It has a great effect on my dry skin.

  198. elise_m_kuhnmuench

    though the scent is a bit strong at first, the oil absorbs quickly and helps reduce redness

  199. maleahjohnson1

    Love it and love the smell! Great product!!

  200. AnaFrampton

    This is my new favorite serum. Clean ingredients that my skin loves. Leaves me soft and supple

  201. Shushi

    This is perfect ♥️

  202. kendall_swan12

    Definitely for nightime use but I absolutely love this product!

  203. knc032

    I love the smell and it doesn’t leave my skin super oily

  204. elena_carrillo24

    Works well, haven’t had any weird reaction to it. My skin is more on the dry side I pair this w/ a moisturizer

  205. nacoylaclaybrooks

    Very light and not to oily. Gives the perfect glow.

  206. tpaige1993

    Love the ingredients!

  207. Lisalwl

    This is great to kid in with moisturizer at night. I feel like I can tell a difference in my skins softness the next day.

  208. flemvict

    Best facial oil I’ve gotten so far. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated but isn’t sticky! Love this stuff.

  209. nicesmith801

    Absolutely love it, super light weight and isn’t tacky and dries into skin nicely

  210. SweetkakesTreatz13

    I love how its not too oily on my skin and i love hemp products that actually smell like hemp is in it

  211. ashlynnk0629

    I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I’ve been desperately needing a face oil & who doesn’t love using a cbd product?! Good pick this time Ipsy!

  212. erika_watts94

    I love it

  213. teterinae

    My mom has extremely sensitive skin that easily reacts to every possible product out there, skincare or makeup related. I gave her this oil to try and so far so good! No reactions yet and she said it’s super hydrating while being light.

  214. lizkaneystokes

    I never received it but would LOVE THIS PRODUCT. all the ingredients & a face oil I love love love!!!

  215. ruizvegaf

    My favorite oil for hydrated 🤩

  216. Hashpotash

    Smells so good & absorbed right away. Doesn’t feel sticky or tacky. Love it.

  217. emilyhopkins622


  218. cambrialee75

    I have sensitive skin & my skin drinks up this oil leaving it hydrated and glowing

  219. kaitlinpons02

    I have lupus and i get painful breakouts. This has helped. It hasnt taken it completely away but it helps keep it down some. It also makes my face smooth and once dry it doesnt leave a oily residue

  220. emilyanncontreras

    Oh this one is so perfect! Hydrating, and smooth, with a great scent.

  221. askluna11

    Amazing oil! Skin feels so soft. I love it

  222. tamara_cooney

    I like it. It feels nice and it doesn’t smell bad.

  223. kriddle1112


  224. jassyjay2928

    I really like this oil to dermaplane my face.

  225. fdmaupin

    This smells sooo good!! Little goes a long way and makes my skin so soft. My skin looks fresh and clean after every use

  226. brightemma6

    Best cannabis product I’ve ever used from Ipsy.

  227. kevinkatiem

    Works great love it

  228. Thaniaf

    Best product I have used, it’s clearing my hormonal acne with just a week of using it

  229. buttercup0092

    Love it! Light citrus scent to it that isn’t overbearing.

  230. jeajeajea

    Good face oil

  231. navanoemi

    My face felt sooooo good and shiny after using this!

  232. cummingsfamily2014

    My face feels so smooth!

  233. sophiyadavies3

    Soooooooo good love it!!!

  234. princesspakalolo

    My face feels quenched and it feels so good!

  235. NeonAquarius

    I love the smell and it has my skin feeling nice and smooth

  236. mariaserrato811

    clean beauty! awesome

  237. carissaaphoel

    Calms my face down. Perfect for use after an exfoliant

  238. lovemakesbabies600

    I love facial oils it makes my skin feel hella soft and smooth

  239. JCol3883

    A little goes a long way, left skin very smooth.

  240. gintarekurtinaityte

    Cannot really try it since it has cannabis in it and I’m pregnant, but surely will use it in a couple of weeks

  241. jorgreen2011

    Keep the hemp and cbd products coming!

  242. ajudd2010

    I LOVE this stuff!!! I have super sensitive skin, and this stuff is amazing!

  243. Chelsea1188

    Smells really good. It has a lemon scent as well as the hemp you can smell slightly. It seems to be very hydrating. So far I enjoy the product.

  244. Legallybland

    Love this pick for me

  245. sarabobeara7

    Great formula and absorbs nicely!

  246. nayelyolmos924

    I love it all the product

  247. melissabug9224

    I love the clean ingredients list. I love that this smells like lemongrass instead of the first ingredient, cannabis. This oil feels silky smooth and very hydrating. It also plays well with my other facial products. I’m impressed by this. I love it.

  248. tealeafer

    Really nice and soothing for dry skin, and smells great.

  249. aly_val0207

    this smells AMAZING! Fresh lemon-y tea like scent. goes on smooth and absorbed easily. a little goes a long way also.

  250. Katielou042

    I was surprised I liked this as much as I do. I love the idea of face oils, but I find they usually don’t seem to do much for me. This one has made my skin so. soft. It smells weirdly good, and 2 drops is perfect for my whole face, I do a third to get my neck and chest, as well. Great consistency and my skin loves it.

  251. ivon_galicia15

    Soy fan de la hidratación en la piel, realmente me encanto que no es grasoso

  252. Dulcehermosa13

    Awesome new product for me

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