Muscle Recovery Balm



Relax your body and feel the effects of the Cannalogica Muscle Balm. Formulated with a cocktail of plant extract and natural essential oils used in aromatherapy.

V-Tonic brings relief to tired and heavy legs with an immediate and long term efficacy. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Arnica and Clove Leaf Oil all offer variations of analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Contains Vitamin E acting as a powerful anti-oxidant, Orange Oil to relax muscles, Manuka to rejuvenate, Beeswax to protect and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Reviews (207)

207 reviews for Muscle Recovery Balm

  1. Jamie

    Amazing balm

  2. Yanita Yancheva

    This is the best! Forget other creams and rubs! I’m surprised how good is the smell too

  3. Tavi Castro

    Perfect addition to a heavy training regimen to keep muscles and joints painless and healthy

  4. Spiros

    Love this product, my go to! Literally has my knees feeling great 💯✅

  5. melissaseal003

    I love the lemony smell and the glass packaging.

  6. Aubrieaubs07

    It smells weird, but it’s moisturizing

  7. calenjenavi

    Not greasy

  8. tiamarie0033

    Hydrates, oil has a nice consistency it’s not too thick

  9. KaterinaaaH

    I love getting natural cbd infused products

  10. lmjackson2701

    the smell isn’t my favorite

  11. mealexander13

    Smells odd, but works so great on my face!

  12. shaeleejoy

    I like this face oil. It makes my skin feel very smooth. The only issue I have with it is the smell, and the fact that it is kind of sticky.

  13. make_up_qween_29

    Makes ur face feel super soft without it being oily definitely would recommend trying

  14. flyingscot321

    This oil works wonderfully- use it sparingly though because a little goes a far way. It smells lovely and my face feels so soft and hydrated

  15. dicristok

    This oil is light weight and obviously hydrating!

  16. llicina427


  17. tinsleycl

    It has a very strong scent so it could be on the sensitive side for some

  18. silva438

    I like face oils but got a hemp one last moth also, very repetitive. These are going to last me forever. No more face oils please!

  19. TheTaeozi

    a little goes a LONG way with this product & i personally enjoy it

  20. sunnyblunt

    Interesting item, I do like face oils

  21. abigaildemond

    Good product, doesn’t feel too heavy

  22. sbyler1013

    Smells and sticky but super hydrating

  23. alyssagirl001

    I’m super excited to try it!!

  24. rosemeghan851

    Hard to get past the smell, however it seems to be working.

  25. buttons8155

    I’m excited to try and love receiving indie brands.

  26. alourajbarnas

    Really moisturizing and a pretty good scent! My face isn’t dry enough to where I need to apply twice a day but I imagine winter will make me bust this out more, so I’m happy with it!

  27. yelenamcpheron

    Eat application

  28. samanthablanton

    Really smells like weed by Beth moisturizing

  29. ashnicsutt17

    Smells good and made my skin soft

  30. saveriaestella

    Pretty good. Haven’t seen that much of a difference but I’m not thst much of a religious user to the product honestly. It’s pretty good tho. No compliants. Not sticky or overwhelming at all. I really do enjoy it quite a bit.

  31. veronicacastro659000

    Haven’t tried yet but it smells amazing

  32. bittersweett

    I love the lemon grass scent. My dry skin very much needed this oil.

  33. facebookmessages7

    Smells great!

  34. jwllogan1

    As exciting as it is for CBD to be storming the beauty line and I love it just for that fact in itself, but it is SO THICK. Serums are usually watery, light feeling. This one makes me feel like I’m doing a honey mask, but let me tell you the SMELLLL is sooooooo GOOOOOODDDDDD and my break outs did feel super soothed afterwards, but I had to pay dry with my towel before I could apply my acne serums. So I might just use this by itself after masks in the future

  35. toriponce11

    Has a very strong after-smell, but I don’t hate it!

  36. emmyg214

    I like the ingredient list but it’s gonna take a minute for me to get to it. I don’t need a serum/face oil every month

  37. DopeMama124

    I have to use very sparingly, oils tend to make me break out. I love CBD and the lemon scent though so I will continue to use!

  38. devonstinson73

    Not to oily for a face oil!

  39. jessvjt1997

    I will save this for winter, it’s too heavy right now but it might be just what I need when the air dries out.

  40. marquezabbey4

    It’s okay

  41. kmott13

    Eh couldnt really tell a difference with using it for 2 weeks straight.

  42. tchoucai

    Very nice that it’s a clean brand!

  43. slonetaylor21

    Smell is strong but it’s very moisturizing

  44. yeahyiahkusheddouttp

    Only got it in the mail today and shared with my mom. So far so good,great scent and not too oily.

  45. horsebug777

    Smells nice but not crazy about it being a full spectrum product

  46. singletonlise

    Seems like a really hydrating serum, so far I like it

  47. germayonie1995

    Es buen aceite no tiene aroma fuerte y se siente bien hidratante

  48. tabbie_peyton

    I do t normally use face oils but I’ll definitely be using this one!!

  49. samanthasnavely8

    strong smell!

  50. RoseLaRouge

    It’s greasier than others but absorbed into my dry skin quickly.

  51. Kymberleyann


  52. bodybydsfit

    Ehhhhh not one of my favorite products

  53. Shifflett

    Smells great but probably not your product if you don’t like fragrance.

  54. Kirstenwoodruff

    Smells a little weird

  55. Megonmariekothe

    Not sure what the use is for it but so far I like it

  56. arveloashley

    Couldnt use this myself but my friend loved it althoughr she did say it made her sleepy.

  57. graceatblb

    Like the oil. Don’t like how it smells.

  58. a_nicelle_l

    The smell is different but nice. Gives a subtle glow

  59. Bb1394

    I have sensitive skin so im curious to see how this works out for me , i love serums so i hope to love this oil too!!! Thanks ipsy!

  60. jaylawrence42

    Smells kinda strange but overall nice

  61. leandralovejoy

    smells so good, doesn’t make me break out

  62. ness_jenna

    I like this face oil. The dropper has already broke tho.

  63. Anniemelton95

    This product fees so good on face and doesn’t make it super oily.

  64. jmlewis862

    This is a great product you have

  65. SisterAngel1

    I can ALWAYS use a good facial oil

  66. Rachel1jb

    I like it

  67. ikborini64

    Strong smell

  68. jonesmegan33

    I have oily skin and acne prone skin so unless its an oil that has an active ingredient in it for acne like tea tree or salcylic acid id prefer to not get face oils.

  69. misslyss5

    It smells kinda funky like a forest but makes my face feel great

  70. Siskocourtney

    I like the smell! It does feel moisturizing.

  71. lexielexie93

    Thick but good!

  72. ogdonald313

    I want less skin care now I have so much now idk how I’m gonna get through it all

  73. mckynzietrout

    Nice oil for night time, the dropper broke after one use though…

  74. dvorak_miranda

    Smells great but does have a super oily finish

  75. natashacox_2013

    It has a strong smell that I don’t like. The oil feels good tho. The shape of the dropper tube is unique and I feel like makes it easier to use. It rubs in nice on my skin and drys pretty well.

  76. imartinez1994

    Oils don’t hydrate, they moisturize but I love this oil for just that.

  77. Jadayra23

    Great oil for dry skin!

  78. love_bug63011

    Smells bad

  79. emilyldmeyer

    I have other oils I need to use up but excited to give this a shot eventually.

  80. kimlgioco1203

    truly hydrates skin all day.

  81. heathergarcia2212

    I wanted to LOVE this. But unfortunately, my face did not üòû.. My face felt like it was on fire. May need to be mixed with a moisturizer before applying to your face, for those who suffer with sensitive skin.

    Did well on my body though . overall great product.

  82. baxterlaxter

    Don’t need or want anymore skincare, but my husband is excited to use this because he LOVES cannabis.

  83. britta_harbour

    I love serums and oils, but Ipsy continues to send me ones for dry skin. I only checked off one skin concern on my profile: large pores and oily skin. I have super oily skin. I don’t need or want any hydrating face products.

  84. nichole_jensen61

    Not really a fan of face oils

  85. patriciarobin128

    Willing to try this face oil, hope is not greasy

  86. jessicalamckenzie

    A great heavier oil for winter dry skin.

  87. CourtneyStroud1993

    I usually dont like fwcial pil. Howevee this ome is a dream for my dry skint in spots.. after absorbed it isnt too greasy on the ekkn & i even appiled makeup after use with no problems

  88. klovey728

    Love this oil

  89. ShelbyFrymyer

    Nothing to write home about

  90. artofficial707

    I am not familiar with this brand, but i like serums and im willing to try someething new besides my tried and true Sunday Riley tumeric oil.

  91. lorijane73

    I love this . I’m all about some face oils..

  92. baylonchise

    I like

  93. vcervantes121

    Can’t wait to try this

  94. viridypl

    I love this shade !!!

  95. amandasadler871

    It isn’t too bad if product but not good for under makeup

  96. jhutcherson1133

    This seems like a nice product I just have so many oils that I really like

  97. lexiemarie608

    Was ok. I have oily skin so not in need of extra oil

  98. sarasimpson711

    Don’t like getting a lot of face oils in my bags because I don’t go through them very fast. Buuutt, I love the smell of this face oil. Happened to use it for the first time when my face was SUPER dried out and it really hydrated my face and made it feel fresh and clean!

  99. alicia_kambeitz

    I love oils, this Is on my next to use. can’t wait to test it out.

  100. scrappy1974hjs

    So far I like it need more time to see if I can love it I love my Luna so maybe will see

  101. jmreeves91

    Skin feels hydrated not too oily

  102. mightycalf023

    I love the smell. I’ve only used it once but I have oily skin already and it doesn’t make it worse

  103. runninaway515

    Smells lovely, feels really nice on the skin. Soaks in well.

  104. batgirl21492

    It makes your skin super soft, the scent is a bit strong.

  105. gutterbilly423

    Love weed infused products

  106. chelseataylorkaplan

    Fells nice hard to say if there’s results immediately but will update when I have used long enough to tell

  107. annatavares1

    I’m not crazy about face oils but this seems like a good product.

  108. jennbozzlady89

    Love trying new oils . The bottle was cute . I like the brand

  109. cathycobb91

    My ONLY complaint is the smell.

  110. allyssa_marie555

    Have not tried it yet, but im excited too.

  111. ohmynoze

    Smooth but tingly from the peppermint.

  112. cjwilson51

    I love getting face oils and a little goes a long way!

  113. indigochouette

    Seems to hydrate pretty well and smells nice. It does contain essential oils, so I’m a little wary to use this on my face daily. That being said, it absorbs quickly and easily and is a great post-shave/post-wax routine treatment.

  114. krystalhuston

    This was OK…not rly into this type of oil but ill use it from time to time

  115. wendyrodriguez693_wr

    Love it

  116. laurensimmons

    Nice product

  117. Artixan

    Nice face oil

  118. kaylacampbell1995

    I like all my stuff

  119. chelseacourter6

    I just feel like my face smelt weird.

  120. luzalvarado09

    I love how it leaves my skin so soft, I’m just not a fan of the lemon smell.

  121. hatchcaroline11

    Having oily/ combo skin i ways get nervous about facial oil but i will give it a chance

  122. haigshouse

    This product is great. I have used this for more than just my face. Anywhere on the body that needs a little pick me up. My boyfriend used it on his knee because it was red and swollen and it took the irritation and inflammation down, he thought it was CBD oil for body aches, and honestly it worked and I love using this on my face and whole body after a shower

  123. prbyjessicamarie

    Like it

  124. marciabroxton80

    OK I have not tried it yet but on one of the other reviews they were saying that the smell was terrible and it was going straight to the garbage so I opened it up and smelt it I like the smell it smells exactly like the ingredients all natural vegan I think it’s going to be a really good product but I’m still using my last oil from my glam bag x That has some of the same ingredients ( Hasley)in it not exact but some of the same so I really do think I’m going to enjoy it

  125. samantdeloire

    I was actually very surprised by this product.I was anticipating a very earthy smelling, slick oil, but it melts right into the skin and has a very pleasant smell. I also like the clean packaging. I just began to use it to i’ll have to follow up, but after using many CBD products, this one is certainly working it’s way up to the top of my list

  126. fromspace320

    A little goes a long way.

  127. johnny_a_blas_jr

    Really like this serum. Smells kind of like pure green tea. It’s a little heavy though on my skin.

  128. rachael_houser

    This stuff is okay—but i find brand quality to be lacking —

  129. hobbsprolife

    I liked this oil overall but it has a distinct “weed” smell that lingers. If you are someone who doesn’t mind that smell.

  130. rapleesara

    The product works really well, just personally not a huge fan.

  131. ingels_brandy

    I have combination skin so oils just make my acne worse it seems like so I think I need to avoid them.

  132. rachaelschapman89

    I already have a ton of face oils. It might be a year before I open this one. But I’m happy to get it.

  133. amberbrook89

    Takes literally forever to completely soak in.

  134. h_toalson

    I love all face oils, the more natural the better! One star removed because it has a short shelf life but that doesn’t affect me since I’ll for sure use all this within 6 months

  135. jillybean27278

    The brands lately are just terrible! Go back to your old ways! You are charging us more now so please give us some quality!!!!!

  136. richellejena87

    Love this oil it’s not so oil-ly lol if that’s a word

  137. cksh11936

    Don’t really need another face oil, but this is nice nonetheless.

  138. amandabarakat1

    Needed a new face oil

  139. kirstismolson

    Has THC and can’t use while pregnant

  140. trisha_pinczes

    I like it, but it smelt a little like robbing pine-sol on my face.

  141. chevalli

    This has “natural” ingredients I would not use on my face!!

  142. Lcastillo8395

    It seems like people either love the smell of this product or hate it. I personally love the smell! It makes my face feel soft but I’ve also had a few breakouts. I’m not sure if it’s from this product or not

  143. jessica_gilhuly

    Smells fantastic

  144. Khayos

    I am really excited to try this as the months get colder and drier. I’ve heard great things about CBD and cannabis being used in beauty care and how it can help with inflammation (one of the underlying causes of my chronic health problems) so I am excited to try this out and will update my review with more results.

  145. kyndracanusa

    Very good cbd

  146. soulmountain1988

    Im actually excited in trying this, because ive never used oils before

  147. jenelle_ortega75


  148. courtneyverbeck

    I use Monat Rejuvanique oil now exclusively

  149. Ademigh

    I really enjoy this. Love anything with cannabis cbd. Love the benefits. Smells great. Works great with my normal to dry skin.

  150. daughertyserenity

    Love it’s not greasy and hydrateing

  151. kristielightell

    Love cannabis in all forms üòé so happy to be able to slap some on muh face! V hydrating but it smells super duper strongly of essential oils. Doesn’t bother me though, just throwing it out there for knowledge purposes for othersüëç

  152. Abbi_Aman

    My skin is already very oily, so I try to use oils only on a very rare occasion

  153. MineALLMine

    Scent is a little strong

  154. Harlow_Marie

    Happy I got this as an option instead of makeup! Please keep giving me more skin care and anti aging products instead of makeup, thanks!

  155. corinafroese

    Smells fresh and feels light yet hydrating. I like!

  156. kimbey421

    Has a strong citronella scent, but hopefully I’ll like it.

  157. skugler5

    A good facial oil and smells fantastic. Oil is a bit on the thicker side, which is okay with me .

  158. nikimorrow046810

    I’m not crazy about fave oils, but this one’s not to bad. Don’t leave my face feeling crazy greasy.

  159. katie_sarreshteh

    Makes your skin SO soft!

  160. nurayrashidli

    Prefer sunday riley oils like luna

  161. Debra1269

    Just tried it and it’s nice

  162. Mbachman613

    I think y’all should check if ppl want CBD stuff. Personally I enjoy it and have no issue with it. Some people don’t want to use it. Just a thought.

  163. catalina_rds

    This seemed a little heavy for skin use at least in the summer for me – so I’ve been using it as a hair oil! Does a decent job of smoothing out frizzy ends on my wavy/curly hair.

  164. christophermayhew09

    don’t normally like face oils…but I DO like this

  165. sierra_thompson2

    I am not all in the the hemp craze. Its just oil. It can be soothing to skin and is gentle without clogging pores. Their is no fear of THC in hemp products so its safe. A company would have to put in the label if THC was present and being msot states do not allow it this would be a difficult product to dustrube being it would be illegal to send via the mail.

  166. nikkiq5566

    I enjoyed this one alot, this is my first cannalogica item, cant wait to try more.

  167. takeashotgirl99

    The brand is great and cruelty free…for all those worried ab THC. it has less than the legal limit for products, at less than 0.2% THC, it does also cbd, but highly UNLIKELY to get any “feeling” OR fail a drug test from using this. Oils placed topically on skin, 2-4 drops at a time will not cause you to get high and such low amnts of thc in entire bottle, the few drops you put on your face arent going to fail you on your workplace drug test.
    Besides THAT, cannabis has LONG been held as a anti inflammatory agent, it heals skin, reduces acne, makes skin GLOW! I have so many ouls already, i am gifting this one but not bc it isnt a good product! I just have so many already!

  168. brodeurswife

    Feels hydrating and gave my skin a nice glow. Not sure how i feel about the scent yet

  169. yadicorona4

    It made my face feel really good! the smell was a little overpowering (it does smell kinda like weed) or maybe its the oregano but overall I would use it.

  170. karkat74

    I don’t particularly need this for my face, I don’t have much redness or soothing to be had. But it was really nice to try something different and unique. Thank you !

  171. dan_lornajo86

    Love it makes my skin soft and not oily

  172. malderman0624

    Okay smell. Too soon to really tell if it will work but so far, so good.

  173. kimreed20000

    If you don’t like a strong lemon scented then you will not like it

  174. nacoled86

    Not the best facial oil I’ve ever used

  175. amkalena

    I love a face oil. A little goes a long way to make your face feel supple and nourished. This one has a scent, rosemary. So just beware if you’re opposed.

  176. lizap2764

    It was ok

  177. snowbrandy9

    Excited to try this brand..

  178. SamanthaDanelle0989

    I typically love face oils but the fact that it has oregano and a strong smell scares me…

  179. asmanasim85

    It smells good üòä

  180. carolzt85

    Me gusta este aceite pero su olor es muy fuerte…

  181. khitt67

    Like this product. Hydrating and easy to use. Great moisturizer before bed.

  182. theresaalamed

    Like alot. Not to oily and nice size bottle

  183. hmcarter0526

    Nice but I don’t really use oils

  184. mandy_morzan

    Really enjoy the scent of this product and it seems to hydrate well

  185. lydia_fissihaie

    It a little thick at first but gets in to the skin eventually

  186. mspadaro11

    Smells so good and gives such a lovely glow!!

  187. s_a_sredniawa

    Lighter then i thought

  188. 3MoonMom3


  189. jenmarie1343

    I really liked the feel of this product, and how my skin felt after. But I wasn’t a fan of the way the product smelled.

  190. BrittsWorld84

    It does it’s job

  191. SHXM

    I’ve only used it 1x before bed. It feels nice, not heavy, absorbs well. I will continue to use. It does have a scent. Its not the worst thing but not something I’d say “smells so good”. Its not bad enough to keep me from using. No negative side effect. Hope I have good results

  192. lovelett09

    Nice need to use longer to know my true thoughts

  193. mtemple33

    This is ok. strong scent.

  194. babyslick_whitley

    I like the oil

  195. marisaliz16

    Always up to try new face oils to help keep my skin hydrated

  196. eisenhowersk

    Love this hydration oil.

  197. vd3225008

    I liked this oil. My skin absorbed it very quickly. I’ve only used this at night.

  198. crockergirl119

    This oil is strong smelling but dissipates quickly. Leaves the skin feeling nice. My husband loves it.

  199. Luvitpink

    Smells nice

  200. Stacey2155

    I’m still trying to make up my mind if I like this or not. It’s easy to grab too much. It does make my face so soft.

  201. Tlmartin012

    It smells really nice. Absorbs good for an oil.

  202. candaceclark22

    I’m a sucker for face oils and this is a really nice one. Leaves my skin soft and moisturized all day.

  203. bigblueeyes7584


  204. christypointer

    silky smoothy soft feel all day long!

  205. Hmareschal80

    Fantastic face oil. Absorbs nicely, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all and it is hydrating. I like it.

  206. mccoy1997_em

    This facial oil is amazing! Lightweight, feels great, smells yummy. The only thing is, with some of my serums, it tends to “pill”. Not a huge deal, but I won’t use it under makeup for that reason.

  207. KaeOtic1

    I LOVE this stuff!! Smells great and it’s so moisturizing.

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