Moisturising Sativa Hand Sanitiser



A product for the times we are living in. Moisturise and Sanitise your hands at the same time using our expert blend of natural ingredients and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract!

We use Grain High Purity Alcohol which is a neutral odour, the ethanol is purified by a multiple distillation and rectification process, combined with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract containing CBD as an antiseptic; slowing the growth of harmful bacteria and other infectious microorganisms. We complete the formulation with Eucalyptus, which has natural anti-microbial and antiseptic properties and also leaves your hand feeling and smelling great!

Reviews (256)

256 reviews for Moisturising Sativa Hand Sanitiser

  1. Carly

    Amazing, disinfects and moisturises

  2. annajester19

    Not big on the hemp trend.. but I love oils.. only giving a good rating so I get more oil choices in the future because I love most of them

  3. danilevin760

    I’m so stoked that y’all have started to incorporate clean CBD skin products!!

  4. amba_jean

    Wow this smells so good

  5. ccconstellations

    Love this and the brand. Hemp and canna all the way

  6. chasitymoore615

    Definitely make my skin feel soft and hydrated.

  7. zombiefiedcrayon22

    This is really nice. It’s an oil so it stays on the skin a bit longer but it’s good

  8. rebeccadstone411

    Oils make me break out so this is a good company i dont like the product

  9. joanna_weissert

    Love the smell and the fact that it has CBD. Definitely need to be careful with my skin type not to use too much!

  10. breanna959

    I don’t like the smell but it made my face dewy and soft

  11. deeabsaa

    Smells good and felt amazing on my skin

  12. Amarasumowski

    This was a great addition to my nightly skincare routine. My skin just seems to absorb it really well. Leaves my face feeling great! Some might not like how it smells, but I do. It’s very earthy.

  13. HaloAnne

    So far I like this a lot! Very moisturizing. The day I did my microneedling I put this on after and my skin looked so good.

  14. asmith8473

    By far one if the best oils ive had..very light for an oil and soaks in fast

  15. Sammyp92

    Love this hydrating oil !

  16. elisa_holmes

    This face oil is amazing. I have extremely sensitive and dry skin and just 3 drops kept my face hydrated for hours. It smells like green tea to me ( which I love)

  17. hannahmyart

    The best face oil I’ve got in 3 years. The smell is amazing, my skin it’s smooth, and I can tell the difference when I use it

  18. gloriahaynes414

    The most hydrating facial moisturizer! Makes my skin smooth and plump without feeling greasy.

  19. ItsBere

    I’m not a huge fan of facial oils because my of my skin concern (oily). As a first impression, this oil was lightweight and a little goes a long way. I love the lemongrass scent and it dried out great without the stickiness residue and it’s hydrating.

  20. fiorellogabs

    Smells amazing

  21. kellip048

    Very moisturizing without making my face feel oily.

  22. Didy16

    Love it.

  23. Instinctive1234

    It’s soft. Thank you.

  24. carlihannah


  25. kelsey_baez

    Smelled fresh and made my skin baby soft.

  26. lmanda0917

    This oil feels so good on my face. Beautiful scent. It did not leave my face feeling greasy.

  27. crystallynn2414

    Love the smell

  28. Kathie_Davis

    I like this. Usually face oils are too oily. This one absorbs quickly

  29. Jantzzen


  30. emilytne

    Due to my particular skin type, I am not a fan of facial oils, this oil included. But it’s not the product itself that I dislike, just my skin’s reaction to it. This product is light, pleasant to smell, and feels very soft on any skin I tried it on (sometimes I’ll use facial oils on my neck, chest, or tops of hands)

  31. rhihammett15

    This smells really nice and feels nice and lightweight after application

  32. loveofsumthin4

    It does smell like some danky weed I don’t mind the smell, but it’s very moisturizing and soothing.

  33. erickadreger91

    I love CBD product. Super excited to try this one out. Even my boyfriend will be using this too.

  34. Kmf2154

    Great product

  35. lauramarino2966

    I can dig this. It smells amazing and absorbs pretty well into the skin

  36. dv_darla

    Definitely care if you have a hydration on my face

  37. roxanneleigh80

    I really like that this oil has CBD in it, smells good to me and makes my skin so soft

  38. elizabeth_henkel

    It’s a nice thick oil. Not runny. Smells like a hippy

  39. funkmelissa91

    Its nice right before bed soaks in the skin perfectly

  40. finfrockwedding


  41. CourtniMahlan

    I love love LOVE cbd and cannabis products and wiuld be ecstatic to see a lot more of them!!!!!

  42. emanuel_fernandez821

    A lot more supple and refreshing than I expected. A gentle smell but hydrating and smoothing. Definitely fees great

  43. leo_girl18

    I’ve used this twice now and I really like it. It seems to absorb nicely and not leave me feeling extra oily.

  44. viankalpz03


  45. ashleyrosewalla

    Love everything about this product!!

  46. leeceeahh

    This is a really nice cbd oil. I use it for more than just my face to ease inflammation in sore spots. It doesn’t smell the best but that’s okay. The peppermint makes up for it. ☺️

  47. ashlaura498

    Absolutely one of my favs

  48. little_dreamer_1990

    Heard good things. I’m excited to try this out!

  49. youngmegank

    I love hydrating oils as we are coming into fall/winter. I love products with natural ingredients and CBD.

  50. amandazoe328

    Absolutely in loveeeee

  51. Coconutkiwis

    This smells so good like lemons and mint. I have extremely sensitive skin so some serums and oils make my skin break out but this didnt! It made my skin super soft and helped to calm my underlying redness.

  52. breimar62

    Excelente me encanto

  53. buttsnat123

    Smells amazing

  54. shellereneau1271

    Love the smell and it actually feels amazing on my face.

  55. n_noodle09


  56. romyth28

    Has a great consistency, it’s an oil but it’s a little more on the thicker side. It absorbs quite quickly compared to other face oils I’ve tried. Almost like a serum!

  57. sjm2645

    Love this not greasy fast absorbing lightweight

  58. sonnyshot40

    Smells amazing and leaves my face feeling extra hydrated.

  59. jessicatanton0720

    Love, love, love this! Feels great on my skin, feels kind of sticky at first but just wait!!!! My face is clearer, my complexion is clearer, my face is moisturized and tightened skin plus so much more!

  60. gracehheld

    Smells amazing

  61. shelbyd23

    I love this product!!!

  62. ajoi2baround

    Its smells soooooooooo…ooooo good!!! It makes my skin so soft and glowy.

  63. Mmhowell

    Smells soo citrusy and left my face glowing.

  64. baileycollett30

    This smells amazing!!!!! Love how it felt on my face.

  65. cchangvue113

    Thank you

  66. NurseB781

    I don’t like that when I missed the window to choose my products updated chose all the cheapest items

  67. jilljahns

    I actually rather like this. It does smell like hemp but only lightly. Not sure if it does anything but it feels nice

  68. viennabreathes

    I’ve received a lot of skin serums and moisturizers this summer through ipsy. I like most of them till this one came through. Hands down the best serum I’ve ever used. My skin is now pushing out all the impurities, it’s glowing, I’ve stopped wearing foundation under my eyes for the first time in like 10 years. On top of the product going on smoothly, not leaving a oily residue, keeping my face smooth throughout entire day, it also helps the make up I do wear last longer. The best thing about this product though is the scent!!!!! It smells unbelievably good!!!! Hands off to this company and for ipsy for getting it into my hands and personally picking for me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. abyjay23

    Love how it leaves my skin soo smooth

  70. Prysmynd

    Amazing, smells like lemon, heavy serum

  71. m_carpyy

    This smells amazing.

  72. breebre390


  73. franklinshari33

    My face is so dry in my “T” zone area. A couple drops and I’m set for the day. With or without makeup.

  74. christinakiesznowski

    Amazing moisturizing oil!

  75. rmurueta07

    cannabis oils work wonderfully for dry skin, excited to try this

  76. reahardj

    I’ve got a bunch of face oils from Ipsy recently, this one is by far my favorite!

  77. hannahkelleyyy23

    Very good 👍🏼

  78. angelsthanatos_666

    Very nice face oil. Absorbs really well and i like the smell. Doesn’t make my face overly oily

  79. cesarbanderas

    Such a great oil! Hydrates your skin.

  80. kaysrandomcreations

    Love this. The smell is pleasant l. Feels amazing on my face. This is one of my faves now

  81. mishan

    Love the smell and my face feels super moisturize

  82. amckenrick

    Feels great. Smell is a bit pungent but it moisturizes well.

  83. rbowman0908

    I’m in love with this oil! It makes my skin so soft and dewy , still soft the next morning! The fragrance is very calming and herbaceous. * Also , does not have THC in it for those who are confused*

  84. elsiiejoy

    I am very happy with the anti-aging kit I got this month. This stuff definitely helps my skin feel super soft and not moisturized

  85. kdils89

    I don’t use face oils too much but I did like this one !

  86. kimberlyadavidson88

    A fantastic product. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft.

  87. heatherntim021121

    Very good

  88. alyval09

    Love this! Super light scent and very hydrating without being greasy.

  89. rachaelzerbe6

    This oil is amazing, smells delicious and is so hydrating I just used moisturizer the seal it in. Love.

  90. IndicaPrincess

    I don’t know if a hydration oil is supposed to be different than other facial oils, but this one of the best oils I’ve ever used. It’s so light & dry. It’s absorbs extremely fast, leaving my skin soft. Not oily feeling, in the least bit, which is great for my already oily skin. On the bottle, it suggests to use it before your moisturizer. I do like this application. It doesn’t feel like my moisturizer is sitting on top of it

  91. nathali_hernandez_ca

    A√∫n no lo pruebo pero espera sea bueno

  92. karliyardley2

    A very lovely oil that’s not too oily but just enough to hydrate nicely.

  93. cutestdr

    Good product!!!

  94. yakubov_kira

    Smells great, has a citrus scent. One or two drops really go a long way. It absorbs into the skin nicely n isn’t oily or shiny hours later

  95. l_d_lander

    A little went a long way

  96. kathleen0201

    This leaves my face absolutely stunning it looks and feels soft. Oddly it makes me feel sleepy so I only use it at night. The first two wears the smell gave me a headache but I’m fine with it now

  97. pattierivas41

    The smell is kinda strong

  98. tokahontasbaby

    I love the oregano smell, and I love that it has cannabis sativa oil in it. I would like more from this brand

  99. Klee_Moore32

    Smells and feels great

  100. msparks276

    One of my go to’s for sure!

  101. laurenwesselhoft

    Dear baby Jesus this product is amazing!!! First let’s talk about the soothing and calming sent… if you wake up in a mood, or go to bed anxious.. slap some of this on your face and you’ll feel like you’re in a Buddhist sanctuary. The oil itself is so moisturizing but not overwhelming.I have sensitive skin and do tend to get oily in my T-Zone but this not only keeps my skin from being irritated but it just adds plumpness and never makes me feel too oily. This has been a game changer for me. I wish I could post pictures. I use it day and night. Purchase this product it’s so worth it!!!

  102. lb8189

    Really really nice facial oil

  103. kstewart1099

    I’ve never tried face oils before so I’m excited to see what type of results I get. I like the way it makes my skin feel.

  104. Peaceandluv1989

    Alittle oily for my skin

  105. manduhlynnxo

    The holy grail 🤑❤️🧚🏼‍♀️ It’s amazing. I have combination skin and this isn’t too oily which I struggle with! Love!

  106. khloeludinh

    Keep my skin hydrated

  107. kmcdonald31490

    love this brand hope the product is great

  108. grim_grinning_ghosts

    This feels like such a luxe product. Great hydration, love the scent. Doesn’t irritate my skin and absorbs real nicely. Love it.

  109. Lunastar1704

    Smells amazing and works great!

  110. a_adams1

    Absolutely love this. I use a bit less than recommended and my face loves it! Definitely recommend!

  111. dmthompson161

    It feels very greasy putting it on, but it dries and feels wonderful! Light and airy

  112. amahickey53

    Love this so much

  113. jeepchick1989

    I love the day l fresh smell and how it feels on my skin

  114. evanunez89

    Love it love it love it!

  115. skarlet_drea

    Leaves my face feeling soft, hydrated. The smell throws me off a little but only when I first apply it.

  116. Christinavazquez126

    This smells amazing! I love the way it makes my skin feel. Great pick

  117. secretstevens0403

    This was probably the best item in my bag for a while. I had a sunburn on my face from the tanning bed, and it got rid of it with no peeling in 24 hrs. It was a bad burn. Rings around my eyes and everything.

  118. tashmariesolutionsll

    Smells great add shine to my already glowing face

  119. thebeadeddream

    My skin loves this stuff! It’s a lightweight oil that sinks into the skin quickly. It doesn’t clog pores, but it did help soothe my sensitive skin and reduce my acne. It smells great too.

  120. ScorpionGlow

    Lightweight, but deeply hydrating. I love it. It smells really good, too.

  121. kissme021

    Beautiful I love this product üß°

  122. larilynsco

    I absolutely love how hydrated my skin feels since I have been using this.

  123. baileiwhitener

    So very hydrating! I love it.

  124. elthell10

    Love love love this stuff!!! It smells so great and feels amazing! Not as greasy feeling as i wouldve pictured for a face oil, 10 out of 10 stars!

  125. leybaj30

    A little goes a long way!!! Great product

  126. cami_lee_08

    Love the CBDs added

  127. Jenhudx2

    Loved this face oil

  128. sopht2418

    Smells and feels great under my moisturizer

  129. Mkgess

    This is a really nice soothing oil. It smells amazing. I’m interested in seeing the results.

  130. carissa42889

    I have used this product only twice and my face already feels amazing

  131. lizzimarie1988

    I love the bottle and just everything about it!

  132. sbowen88

    Very soothing. Love this

  133. mariasophia769

    I love getting face oils and i just finish my last one and was thinking about getting a new one and i couldn’t decided which one to pickup next. Ipsy you read my mind!

  134. porter_debbie13

    I love layering facial oils as my last step in my nightly routine.

  135. AWall527

    Love face oils and the whole cannabis product market

  136. zainab_atos26

    Very good

  137. olgak4

    Didn’t expect to love this product as much as I did .. it’s not too oily for an oil if that makes sense. Lightweight but so nourishing. And has a fresh citrusy scent

  138. kschu824

    Smells amazing

  139. softballbase1

    Smells good like using this when I massage my face muscles.

  140. hina_memon_2020

    I liked this. felt nice, the smell tho is strong so I only put one drop.

  141. durninkm

    I’m tired of face oils but I do really like this one

  142. genevaavelina

    Havent received just want points

  143. RubyHeartBr8kHer

    Extremely hydrating and smells pleasant.

  144. a_leeunique

    Bomb absorbs quickly… leaves skin so soft and smooth.

  145. mscmolinero

    I love the smell, it’s def there but it smells great to me, very hydrating. LOVE it

  146. rmc0589

    This oil is amazing I have a few others and they leave my face feeling greasy and gross this one absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film

  147. rodgersbrandy5

    Smells so good and refreshing

  148. kim_carson_bidwell

    Wonderful scent!! Maybe camomile. The texture soaks in nicely, not to oily and leaves the perfect amount of glow for me! This is a great product! Super happy!

  149. Tekno

    It feels AMAZING

  150. efisdel6989

    Amazing face oil

  151. rochelle_gove

    This is such an amazing product. It goes on so easily. You really don’t need to use much of the product, a little bit goes a long way. The scent is really nice and fresh but I also love that it hydrates so well without leaving my face oily!

  152. littlebear3130

    I have dry skin and if I wash my face and leave it damp and then put my serums on I have softer skin afterwards so that’s a big tip!!

  153. sarahwuest14

    Really light face oil with a nice scent

  154. jillian_margaret

    Amazing smell

  155. kristanrock89

    Loves this oil smells amazing

  156. lyndseyshively

    Very nice

  157. katiemichele24

    Not my favorite smell but good produc

  158. Tigerashley

    This felt nice going on and actually smelled decent given all the herbal ingredients

  159. Kebarry789

    This is a fantastic face oil. I really liked it and I was happy to get in my bag

  160. brinehart89

    I really liked the smell. It also made my face feel really soft.

  161. daniellewahl22988

    I have been wanting to try this brand and I’m glad I got the chance to! I love that this facial oil is nice and lightweight so it doesn’t leave my skin greasy or shiny. A little bit goes a long way and it helps brighten my skin and gives it a nice healthy glow. Would definitely recommend!

  162. silentkitten21

    This smelled amazing and makes my skin look great!!

  163. jonesp3


  164. elishaseeswhat

    Leaves skin feeling so soft and moisturized.

  165. CWines1

    Love the way this smelled. Was not too oily when I applied. Felt fantastic with my face roller.

  166. pbledsoe1978

    Really Love hydrating But Not Greasy

  167. sarakaruma

    Huele bien üëç

  168. CarolinaRivera

    very nice addition to my skin care routine.

  169. melissagweir

    Looks like a nice product, excited to see how it works

  170. ak11161217

    I love this! It was nice and thick but didnt make me look greasy!

  171. calian_acquah

    Absolutely lived up to it’s name.

  172. xZiennuh77

    Completely hydrates my skin

  173. blackwidow265

    Excited to try this!! ‚ú®

  174. crystalna_makeup

    Great oil

  175. ashle082611

    Ive never used face oils before. This was a great one to start with. The acent is lemony and hempy. It didnt make my face feel to sticky for too long. Id certainly try it again

  176. SoftballBas1

    Smells great works well with face massage

  177. cesarsalad31

    Great ingredients and obsessed with oils so was glad to see this as my option.

  178. carla71489

    It will leave skin looking glossy and moistures

  179. amanda_dudley_ad

    Love it

  180. lateshiawilliams88

    New Skin Care bonus

  181. tiffanyqueen457

    Amazing product, a little goes a long way!

  182. BullyMama42

    Has a great list of ingredients that I love! Can’t wait to see the results.

  183. jnelson_iaha

    I love hemp & cannabis formulated products and natural ingredients. So this is a great addition to my skin care regiment. I use any extra oils I recieve, on my body, so they don’t expire and go to waste.

  184. natashabeskow

    Great product by a great company

  185. radt87

    Excellent ingredients. I thought the scent was pretty light and fresh, maybe even a little lemony. My skin felt hydrated and not greasy. Also love that it’s clean.

  186. themonth

    Love this! Seems to really be helping to even out my skintone

  187. adaxa

    I‚Äôm still working through one of my previous facial oils, so I haven‚Äôt opened this up yet, but I am absolutely thrilled to have received it in my bag this month! Can‚Äôt wait to use it 🙂

  188. humboldtsnow

    Love anything cannabis!!

  189. vcanales

    Can’t wait to try it it’ll be a while though since I have several oils that I am currently using, none the less the ingredients look good (Remember just because it says facial oil doesn’t mean you can only be used on the face great for the body)

  190. ambercrooks413

    Love the way this feels on my face!!!

  191. alix_barrett1988

    This stuff is AMAZING

  192. hcmrivera

    Left face feeling moisturized!

  193. foodieforlife5


  194. kingofmyheart20

    Love the smell and the nice smooth feeling of my face after applying

  195. gonzaleznarolin123

    Loved getting a serum in this month’s ipsy bag

  196. pixi_tetra

    I like this its not too heavy

  197. n_plamo_68

    Ive gotten a lot of oils lately so i may just use this one my body. Cooler months and dry skin in my future. Great for cracked hands. Loving the unscented products.

  198. bekahyokel

    Smells amazing, like lemons, and very moisturizing.

  199. hayleebugg1987

    Nice feel

  200. Jovi30

    Love the smell, how smooth it feels on my skin, and it’s easy to use.

  201. maleriejg

    Loving this oil soo far!!

  202. satz3588

    Love it

  203. Vex_

    Yesss this product is amazing! I love the feeling of the CBD on my face. It’s like a deep tissue massage.

  204. Felicia_sesia

    This smells clean and light. I love the ingredients list, no bs or fillers. Feels great on the skin and absorbs fairly quick.

  205. imagenesvida_mty

    This facial oil leaves my skin extremely soft! I love it.

  206. keirastockdale

    Absolutely can’t wait to use this especially during the dry winter months.

  207. lesleeanndiggs

    Great product

  208. carithomas0609

    First oil ive ever tried. What are the benefits to facial oils?!

  209. danielleratliff

    This feels really nice on the skin. Very soothing

  210. bmmroo88

    Like this product but people need to be notified that full spectrum CBD products could possibly show on drug tests and that’s important for work and people taking medication.

  211. justinfitzpatrick55

    Love trying new brands and and anything with hemp or CBD. Absorbs nicely and seems to be really moisturizing for my face.

  212. Jaylajojordan4

    This stuff is AWESOME !!! I don’t even really like oil for the face but I love this stuff !!

  213. mozell_rebecca

    my skin gets overly oily super fast and easy… this is the oil face oil I’ve found that hasn’t done that.

  214. marybethbrunk

    I LOVE THIS OIL! First of all, the smell is fantastic and fresh and second of all it just feels so so good on my skin. I suffer from rosacea and this doesn’t irritate it all and it seems to have eased the itchiness. Highly recommend this face oil for rosacea or sensitive skin sufferers.

  215. brittanykirschner140

    It is very hydrating my skin is so soft

  216. pattyontiveros180

    Amo los aceites faciales y serum, este no es la excepción

  217. kangnabi

    Smells good

  218. Shelgendy

    This face oil is super hydrating and feels so good on my skin

  219. emmagracet1988

    Excited to try this

  220. kahinataibi358

    Je vais l’essayer

  221. ace1122

    Smells similar to a few other citrus/vitamin C face oils I have used in the past. Not super excited about this particular one but I do love face oils, just may end up using it on my body instead!

  222. Myranda88

    I love mixing this right in with my moisturizer for added hydration

  223. jespressso

    I have combo skin and can get oily in my t-zone… but wow I love this oil? just a little makes my skin glowy and is not too greasy. of all the facial oils I have this one is my fav. I’d purchase this.

  224. roli_mongelos

    Love the face oil, really helped with my dry skin.

  225. cambrybracken

    So happy I got this face oil. So far it’s been amazing for my skin.

  226. jewel102887

    Great hydration 🥰

  227. sabrinacata43021968

    this oil is a light oil, nice and hydrating

  228. A-Barbers-Wife

    Hasn’t arrived

  229. angeleyes_ryan0122

    I absolutely love this brand!!! It’s amazing!!

  230. Judy_Stanley

    Love it

  231. lopesfambam

    Smells great and leaves face feeling nice and smooth.

  232. Nina011

    I absolutely LOVE this face oil! My new favorite.

  233. bethany6737

    Very moisturizing, I personally love the scent . It smells like natural oils. One of my favorite items I’ve received in a long time .

  234. Leanagilleland

    I like that this oil doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy.

  235. reyofashions

    Love this. Kinda smells weird but the feeing and moisture it gives is awesome! One of my favorite oils now.

  236. g_cahalanehughes

    This seems amazing. A little goes a LONG way.

  237. samiraghafoorzada87


  238. Annier410

    I loved this!!!!! Once the oil settled i didnt feel greasy. I felt the effect all day!!

  239. carwilson87

    I absolutely love the smell and feel of this oil! It makes my skin glow also! Love the ingredients also!

  240. lkh2286

    Fresh, refreshing and makes my akin feel great!

  241. courtney_cantone

    It makes my skin feel happy and healthy.

  242. preciouskotte

    Smells amazing. Feels amazing going on. Love!!

  243. zhozian

    love the texture so far! My skin looks amazing after several days og using it!

  244. nmart219

    Nice face oil

  245. krauthamerm

    holy shit this stuff is amaaaaaaazing

  246. nightelfdance

    very nice light scent, excited to use this

  247. maiadgh

    Loooove this

  248. ClaraLou

    Smells great, skin loves it, and I like that they tell what part of your skincare regimen to apply it

  249. baylee_blanks

    My face feels AMAZING

  250. brandy20sullins

    I love this! Smells great of course, but I love how non greasy this sits on my face. My skin drinks this up with a quickness. I will be buying this oil in the future.

  251. Kh022265

    My new fav face oil Does exactly what it says, and i love the unique smell.

  252. lorrainegrace86

    Smelled great. Lemongrass. And my skin ate it up. Even tone approval.

  253. natashaaldermanat

    This smells amazing!!!

  254. jessicaelyse4

    I’ve actually been using this on my cuticles and stubborn dry spots on my body because I have so many face oils and googled other ways to use them. The oil is super hydrating so I’m sure it will be great on the skin because it’s done wonders for my nails and skin

  255. lilnicskittle

    Very nice and hydrating

  256. coliedee86

    I like this!using it on my upper arms! I breakout & have dry upper arms and in two days there’s actually a slight difference!

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