Facial Hydration Oil



Our calmative facial oil is uniquely formulated for problem skin including skin prone to blemishes, visible redness and discomfort. Formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients, including full spectrum hemp extract which has been decarboxylated and Green Oregano Oil, this lightweight non-comedogenic facial oil helps calm the feeling of stressed skin.


Reviews (226)

226 reviews for Facial Hydration Oil

  1. Beth Jones

    After getting the masque, I had to get the oil to use after!! Lovely on my skin

  2. Jamie

    The best hydration oil I have used. The real stand out product on your website. Just perfect hydration for my face.

  3. Aaron

    Cannot get enough of this product! Nothing like I have ever used! 10 star if it let me!

  4. Erika

    Best ever and ever! My stressed skin instantly became hydrated

  5. Holly

    The best oil I have used. I can’t recommend it enough, has been so good for my skin and so good for my spots. I honestly don’t use anything else now.

  6. Beth

    This product has done wonders for my skin! So so hydrating and I can’t wait to get another one 😍

  7. Hayley

    I’ve been using this product a few times now and absolutely love it! My skin feels better then ever!

  8. Beth

    I honestly enjoy applying this product. It smells amazing, I love how it feels on my skin. Incredibly hydrating. My skin has since improved since using this oil. Definitely recommend!

  9. Nadine

    my skin feels much softer. And it’s all natural. I love it

  10. Iamluciesd

    Best hydratation oil I have tested. The texture is perfect, the smell is so pleasant and the results are coming after the first use. Very happy with it 🔥👏

  11. Claudia Melina

    Its Such an amazing product. It smells amazing and its so gentle and good to your skin.

  12. Jordan adefay

    amazing product! Leaves my skin so smooth

  13. Klaudia

    I have used this hydration oil for 2 weeks now and I am honestly so impressed and pleased with the results. I suffer with eczema and have extremely sensitive skin so it’s always been very tough for me to combat dry irritated skin. I now apply this oil 2-3 times a day and do not need any other products for hydration or moisturising. When I get out the shower I apply the oil and it spread very easily, it actually sets into the skin and absorbs instead of just sitting on top of the skin like most oils do meaning that it hasn’t been clogging my pores. The oil isn’t sticky at all and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. If you did choose to apply a moisturiser over the top the oil doesn’t clump or separate which I found happens with every serum/oil I’ve used before this. My skin feels healthier, less tight. It has a natural glow now and feels plump in the mornings. I had very dry leather like skin due to acne scaring that I haven’t been able to treat in over a year and nothing worked but my scar tissue is beginning to reduce and I have much smoother skin. My pimples have calmed down a lot and don’t flare up as much as they did before. The oil also smells absolutely incredible. When I opened the bottle I was bursting with joy as it smells so fresh and citrusy but also sweet, it’s super refreshing and reminds me of a healing soap I made in a science course when I was a teen it was my favourite smell ever and I’ve not found anything that smelled like it since and this product smells exactly the same! I have high hopes for my skin going forward with using this oil. Couldn’t be happier I 100% recommended this to anyone and everyone!

  14. Fatsks

    Love this oil! Really hydrating and fresh on the skin. I use it day and night and my skin has never felt better as I suffer from dry skin but this product works miracles.

  15. Jorian

    The BEST hydration oil that leaves amazing results. Highly recommend this product for everyone!

  16. Justina Caputo

    Since I don’t use oils on my face, my approach to using this product is a bit unconventional: I use it as lip hydration! And it’s wonderful! I put this on every night and wake up to soft hydrated lips.

  17. Tara Harris

    Honestly I can not recommend this product enough!!! I have acne prone skin so I was skepticle to use this as it’s oil based- but it’s totally cleared up my skin, it smells amazing, makes my face GLOW and I swear I already look younger. Cannot wait to order more!!!

  18. Raquel

    Very good oil for calming stressed skin, light consistency and 100% natural product

  19. Spiros

    This product is magic ! Leaves my face feeling recharged and super hydrated!!

  20. Laura

    This oil is amazing ! I have super dry skin and have used many brands not containing cbd. Using this not only replenishes moisture into my skin, but also produces a nice calming effect.

  21. Jazmin C

    it’s so smooth and smells so beautiful in love with the way the product looks and feels!!

  22. alourajbarnas

    Really moisturizing and a pretty good scent! My face isn’t dry enough to where I need to apply twice a day but I imagine winter will make me bust this out more, so I’m happy with it!

  23. yelenamcpheron

    Eat application

  24. chelseacourter6

    I just feel like my face smelt weird.

  25. luzalvarado09

    I love how it leaves my skin so soft, I’m just not a fan of the lemon smell.

  26. hatchcaroline11

    Having oily/ combo skin i ways get nervous about facial oil but i will give it a chance

  27. haigshouse

    This product is great. I have used this for more than just my face. Anywhere on the body that needs a little pick me up. My boyfriend used it on his knee because it was red and swollen and it took the irritation and inflammation down, he thought it was CBD oil for body aches, and honestly it worked and I love using this on my face and whole body after a shower

  28. prbyjessicamarie

    Like it

  29. marciabroxton80

    OK I have not tried it yet but on one of the other reviews they were saying that the smell was terrible and it was going straight to the garbage so I opened it up and smelt it I like the smell it smells exactly like the ingredients all natural vegan I think it’s going to be a really good product but I’m still using my last oil from my glam bag x That has some of the same ingredients ( Hasley)in it not exact but some of the same so I really do think I’m going to enjoy it

  30. stephanielinares98

    Anything with hemp extract in it is a yes from me 💜🦋

  31. Lissetteee

    The only item I truly loved in this bag SO glad I got it!

  32. dawnroberts006

    Love it!

  33. cierrar143

    This is a super light-weight oil that immediately sinks into my skin. I was worried about the smell but it smells wonderful – lemon grass is mainly what I smell from the ingredients. Will definitely look more into this brand now!

  34. tyzharnay_ransom

    Smells really good

  35. aemeliaoliviajames

    Made me feel beautiful. Good food for the skin…

  36. sartain_m

    This oil absorbs so quickly into my skin and keeps my face hydrated all day, even with just a few drops

  37. savgarcia00

    I love this oil! It replaced my hemp elf facial oil

  38. bay_lee51315

    Has kept my fave hydrated without clogging pores

  39. nettarules

    Smells really nice im excited to try it out

  40. selbam

    Love it

  41. madalynehammonds

    Love the pipette

  42. lindseyrebecca96

    The smell is exactly what you think it would be, but it leaves your face feeling so so soft!

  43. miqaillaaira

    oils are quite thick for my skin, but this one is great. Leaves my face glowy, super smooth and has a nice scent to it

  44. myrandapickett1384

    Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed

  45. bridgetj_callahan

    Smells AMAZING

  46. jesse_fernandez12

    One of my favorites out of this bag! Made my skin so so soft. Only
    Thing is that it it definitely oily but once it dries it doesn’t look as bad.

  47. klimbly

    Does a better job at soothing my dermatitis than what my dermatologist prescribed.

  48. gilbertsanchez0125

    Love the lemon smell

  49. kitlerandcatstro

    I love this product!

  50. EANDE998

    I love this

  51. Dovah_Maiden

    It smells like lemongrass 100% and i love that. It definitely gives you a hydration boost.

  52. coliecole294

    I dont normally go for hemp seed products, so i wouldnt gravitate towards products like this, but tried it out and i like it! It absorbs fairly quickly into my skin and leaves a nice glow. The smell doesn’t bother me and i actually think the dropper is unique!

  53. yeseniavee


  54. paultom75

    Love it

  55. ksissystonz

    Hands down the best product to use before getting ready for bed, I like the smell I think I found my night time routine with this Cannalogica facial oil and a spritz of Michael kors super gorgeous perfume for a night night routine. I am now using this to get my body sleepy when I use this product ✨👍👍♻️🌱🐇♻️❣️

  56. kimberlyguillot41

    Love it I feel such a difference in my face it’s more hydrated and clearing up more

  57. mafesa_1107

    leave the skin! beautifull!

  58. ChristianLane

    Smells great. Feels great

  59. weak2warrior0303

    I love that you guys focus on vegan and clean Products great find

  60. Dellable

    I’ve only used this twice but my skin feels soft and it’s smells amazing!

  61. lauren_forcum

    Love the smell

  62. thadnot

    Love this oil, smells good❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. Vex_

    Yesss this product is amazing! I love the feeling of the CBD on my face. It’s like a deep tissue massage.

  64. Felicia_sesia

    This smells clean and light. I love the ingredients list, no bs or fillers. Feels great on the skin and absorbs fairly quick.

  65. imagenesvida_mty

    This facial oil leaves my skin extremely soft! I love it.

  66. keirastockdale

    Absolutely can’t wait to use this especially during the dry winter months.

  67. lesleeanndiggs

    Great product

  68. angeleyes_ryan0122

    I absolutely love this brand!!! It’s amazing!!

  69. Judy_Stanley

    Love it

  70. lopesfambam

    Smells great and leaves face feeling nice and smooth.

  71. wrlisak

    I love this smell… very organic scent! Feels great on your skin, too.

  72. charglover87

    I have a lot of oils you can only use so much!!! But it is a lovely oil

  73. kiowablife

    I most appreciate every and all skincare related and this oil definitely didn’t let me down. My skin feels very hydrated and plump.

  74. pagejohnson25

    I’ve never used a face oil before. So I’m not sure what to expect. It didn‚Äôt feel greasy. It felt light on my skin.

  75. jrf

    Makes the skin very soft and smells great

  76. magnifascents5

    Love the smell of this! Can’t wait to try it.

  77. beckydangers22

    Makes my skin feel and look like magic

  78. babyrae593

    Have too many oils open so dont want to try yet. All face oils have been beneficial so hope to continue to have skincare options.

  79. CaptLavender

    I like trying new face oils. This one seems nice

  80. darkfailurez

    Right now I am on overkill with face oils. But I really like this one and will use it.

  81. lmlockard13

    It leaves your skin feeling so incredible

  82. jenniferdobbeck7911

    Makes my face feel softer

  83. mariacristinanguyen

    It came in damaged

  84. dolcem83

    Feels so good on face

  85. lilstellamarie

    OMG! Love this product! Use it twice a day! The lemon scent is amazing and even my husband loves this product too. Leaves the skin smooth and supple. I want to continue buying this product once we run out.

  86. schellem16

    Love this!!!

  87. ashkegeekygirl

    I love face oil

  88. StartAngel82

    Feels good and didnt make my skin feel all greasy

  89. jreneeeberle

    Feels amazing on my skin!

  90. ldylk21

    The oil felt great and provided good hydration

  91. vero3035


  92. traymer81

    Instant results and will get more

  93. jelibelle

    Goes on nicely on the skin. You don’t need too much.

  94. 217collier1

    Love it. Don’t mind the smell either bc it’s natural

  95. tamtamholt1981

    Can’t wait to try

  96. carrie_3_smith

    Gave this to my daughter who has psoriasis (beginning stages or it) on her face…it helped calm the spots and it making them go away! So so amazing!

  97. rodriqueznancy81

    I liked it . ..

  98. crystal_trainmydog

    I don’t really use face oils BUT this one I was happy to receive, and happy to report that I love it!!!!

  99. daphnemartinez13

    Love skincare , this face oil is light and feels good

  100. francellisquinones

    It is great moisture and smells amazing, lemongrass.

  101. corteztonya97

    Smells very strongly of citrus. Absorbs into skin quickly. I really like it even if it has a citrusy smell

  102. dreamer361979

    Not greasy. Soaks right in . Leaves skin smooth and soft

  103. jpineda_6

    I loved how this feels and smells

  104. maria0309vega

    Is very good product, leave the face very hydrated and smooth.

  105. caren_miles

    Smells great. Feels light, which was surprising for a face oil.

  106. stephaniebouliane

    Light, refreshing, and doesn’t clog my pores. Smells so good I want to eat it!!! Like fresh citrus.

  107. Kkeag


  108. yadilo77

    I can’t wait to try it

  109. Jwoz

    I like this face oil. It’s light enough where it doesn’t make my face look oily and actually does what it says it’s supposed to do

  110. lolasmom19

    I haven’t open it yet, Ipsy seems to be sending this sort of product, every month. I have product overload. I am sure it will be great for winter use but oil products do not exactly work with my skin at this time of year.

  111. leanncrawley93

    Makes your face look and feel great!

  112. unicornio_420

    I gave it to my daughter she loves it üíú

  113. melimel42

    I don’t love the smell. But I love oils.

  114. abk24

    Luv it! Reminds me of the Sunday Riley U.F.O. acne treatment. Only this product has the CBD oil in it which helps heal, hydrate and soothes my skin. <3

  115. ella_king33

    Love this product!!!!

  116. cjdoza92

    Smells really nice

  117. jleal53

    It is not too oily. Really hydrates my skin. Love the smell. Send more oils.

  118. kalissensualreiki

    I loved the oil very light weight perfect for my skin🤩

  119. kimzamp

    This stuff is awesome. So moisturizing & soft on the skin.

  120. 1015hesch

    Non greasy which I totally love

  121. Gisela4t

    My face immediately feels hydrated as soon as I apply! I even use it on my neck and chest as well! Love it!

  122. mizicks

    Smells great and leaves my skin very soft and supple.

  123. kathrynelam65

    My daughter uses this product and she says it was wonderful on her skin.

  124. mschreibman

    seems to work to minimize the redness on my cheeks and chest

  125. dbhylanders

    Nice oil smells fresh & I layer it over my serums

  126. wgm50712

    I Love My Sept Ipsy Bag This Month Sept 2021 My Daughter loved it so much I Found my Liner pin in her Room I`m Trying To Get her to Join the Site Lol she always like mine so much What`s a Mom to DO Thanks Sandi Atlanta Ga USA

  127. tnt280

    smells good..

  128. cilzshopsmart1

    It felt really nice and absorbed quickly

  129. terifields9194

    I’ve been Leary about using facial oils I prefer serums. But this product is awesome. Melts in my face and doesn’t feel oily. I’m learning.

  130. phyllischrismer744

    really helps my dry skin with causing break outs

  131. suzianne411

    My favorite item in this month’s picks. A tiny bit goes a long way and brings my aging skin to life!

  132. desghislandi

    Works very nice and hydrates good

  133. chelsie072319

    Smells amazing

  134. lilahhammock

    I like this for night time! It’s a little heavy for me during the day.

  135. Macyrose

    This is nice

  136. simplyashleii

    I like the fragrance. Does leave my face a little greasy.

  137. gracenwheat95

    Bottle came with the lid so loose that oil was everywhere; my only complaint.

  138. lilafluis

    I have combination skin so I’m unsure about this oil. I’ve only used it once and only with toner and moisturizer, it didn’t make my skin oily or cause any breakouts. But I personally feel like serum, oil, moisturizer, and spf is too much for my skin. It would work good for others who have dry skin especially in winter.

  139. twinki6

    Can’t wait to try this one, i already have a few oils open already.

  140. Jwhite1992

    I thought this would make my oily face more oily but it didnt. It really set into my skin nicely. This has definitely been added to my nightly routine.

  141. shakerite11

    Smells great and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Oils make my skin more acne prone though, so not sure how much I’ll be using this.

  142. exhi_qose

    I just don’t like the smell but it feels good in my face so that’s all matters

  143. mspencer1622

    Definitely thought I would hate this. I actually love it. Feels nice. Doesn’t smell like cbd. Has a pleasant smell. Is a little sticky and leaves my face dewy but I still like it.

  144. cforrester05

    Better than expected! Only complaint is it does have some fragrances in it so I don’t know why Ipsy classifies it as “clean beauty”

  145. jr_paolucci_1533

    Great CBD item!

  146. misty_neal06

    I have some farmcy face oil that smells like honey. I love how soft my face feels so I’m hoping this is just like that or better!

  147. taratristate

    I picked this because it’s something new, and I knew if I didn’t like it that I could give it to the hubby. I wasn’t crazy about the scent, it was too lemony-citrus cover scent.. which some may prefer over smelling like the alternative. The product works well though! It is great for the nighttime regimen, especially because it’s oily. Its also season appropriate for sure.

  148. athaliahenry

    I like oils, not sure if I love this yet it goes on greasy but then soaks in we’ll only use at night, great for winter dry skin

  149. Quiroze2014

    Keeps my face hydrated!

  150. amber_trojecki0614


  151. ashleycreason1986

    This intrigues me. I feel like I need to use this longer to give a proper review, but I love how it feels on my skin so far and it does keep it moisturized.

  152. evaberlin86

    Enjoy trying new CBD products and love face oils. To those that complain about already having oily skin – the irony is that if you use facial oils it balances the condition of your skin and will very often stop your skin from being naturally oily. Worked for me who struggled with oily skin my entire life and have had more results in the way of maintaining my skin with oils than most serums. CBD oils produce a lovely radiance and softness and is amazing for soothing the skin after taking off stubborn/heavy makeup.

  153. sellis6

    I think it could smell better

  154. ldrowley

    Nice product but don’t love the smell

  155. ajalisa

    I do like this face oil, It’s a bit too heavy for daytime, but I love using it at night after I cleanse my face.

  156. basketmagmom


  157. ledbetter_kadence

    a little goes a long way. Love the smell!

  158. shantel_robinson123

    This smells really great and my skin feels super super smooth

  159. CheechIsHere

    It smells dank as hell, but man, if my skin doesn’t love this stuff.

  160. laurenpmaki

    Absorbs really well, hydrating, and helps other skincare go on smoothly.

  161. iitsjustjenn

    Love the scent and the way it feels/looks on my face

  162. afabry

    Love it!

  163. codyalexandra18

    Very nice for winter

  164. jaimilynsimmers

    Smells strongly of lemon, but is very good product. A little goes a very long way

  165. mcaitlanm

    I use this and a cace roller and my skin looks great

  166. nikkisha_carnley

    Feels nice on skin.

  167. ua01320

    Really like this product

  168. Smile456

    I can’t wait to try it!

  169. rebecca_arezki

    Haven’t used it yet, too early to review!

  170. apizzol1

    Ive been using this for about a week now and I’ve enjoyed it. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel overally heavy as some oils do and I think my skin looks dewy after application. I’ll continue to use it.

  171. Kimbermarie0480

    Im not really big on face oils, but i like this one. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my face oily feeling. I love trying cbd products. It smells good too.

  172. owmarystella

    Nice formula and smell. Absorbed well for an oil. Similar to another cannabis face oil ive used. Happy with the hydration it gave my skin

  173. kristysnyder77

    One use and my skin felt so moisturized!! Loved the soft feeling and not a harsh smell!

  174. jennlamma

    Smells like weed

  175. LeahOfTheRogueValley

    The aroma of lemon is def too stromg but the oil itself is really nice and moisturizing

  176. Catmama14

    The oil seems very nice and that it won’t leave a greasy feel behind… Very interested to see how this works…haven’t had a chance to use it yet

  177. dragonflye2000

    This smells really good. It’s herby and citrusy which is a refreshing change from floral or medicinal. The oil absorbs quickly. I can tell it has oregano in it. Seems healing and leaves my skin very soft.

  178. karen78hill


  179. lizloera

    Not a fan of the smell. Soaked in nicely to my dry skin.

  180. Glover_michelle046

    Omg i love this stuff! This actually keeps my faced hydrated and i really need that during this cold weather. Love this!!

  181. yeselovestytynka

    Great product it was hydrating

  182. melissakosak93

    My dry skin loves face oil, I‚Äôm not mad at the cannabinoids either 😉

  183. ashley_ramon0

    Face feels amazing after application and smells great too!

  184. its_nena

    What a fantastic product

  185. Jcgoldman85

    Face feels amazing!

  186. nikkidawn1224

    Love oil.

  187. aashwee1984

    Smells amazing üòç

  188. lizzuritto

    Smells great cant wait tik

  189. bridgesfawn1984

    Love oils and serums

  190. miz_jxn

    I thought I loved Sunday Riley’s UFO the best… then this magic arrived on my doorstep & gave it some serious competition. Fantastic call, adding oregano oil to this cocktail. I write a lot of five star reviews but this deserves a sixth. I need this on subscription, as I will be ordering it for years to come. If you have problem skin that just won’t stay clear, this is your jam.

  191. namasterica

    So far very nice

  192. Ale_Moreno

    Love it 🥰

  193. meade_stephanie82

    Love anything with hemp oil!

  194. erindirnberger

    This makes my face smooth and feel awake!

  195. mendeaweau

    Smells a bit strong, and I was afraid that it might sting my face. I was surprised when it didn’t. It soothed my face.

  196. Gigi-McCain

    My face really likes this oil

  197. mischkaneversi

    I love hemp oil and the lemongrass really helps the redness. Use it between my serum and moisturizer and has a nice smell

  198. bang_jennifer


  199. Temgrad98

    So moisturizing!

  200. mdjmonroy

    Love this oil

  201. spunky1k

    Great hydration oil.

  202. chrys_sunshine


  203. camlujan621


  204. mandabon8

    Love the scent of this one. I added it to my morning routine as its very refreshing. A little goes a long way. I also used it as a lip moisturizer mid day.

  205. maureentoll

    This oil is so soothing on your skin and smells..AMAZING..love it.

  206. bellalynne65

    Great stuff! Makes my face look smooth and renewed!!!

  207. rldodge13

    Seems ok.

  208. yankeegirlinthesouth

    My skin felt soft all day.

  209. ldausi

    This is a nice product

  210. car54whereareu8

    Anxious to try

  211. wisebrooke93

    Needed a good oil

  212. kathygraham5757

    This is amazing. Light on skin. Softer skin in 5 days

  213. pam_quinn

    A couple of drops goes a long way. It leaves you skin looking glorious.

  214. jansharp

    I love this face oil. Smells good and makes my skin so soft!

  215. di_dba

    I like using face oils under my moisturizer.

  216. amyrabon803

    Great product and smells good too

  217. Cassytava3

    The scent is intense. Smells like pure lemongrass oil. Surprisingly, it has not caused irritation and works well.

  218. jend560042


  219. beth_vb3

    Not too greasy!

  220. Linds_barnett

    Keeps me moisturized but not oily all day!

  221. nicoleleddy3994

    Love the smell

  222. kyankuik

    I think face oil is very important for the skin!

  223. osagebetty420

    Got my bproduct in my bag. Love how soft

  224. Cherubs

    This made my skin super soft, controlled my oily skin, and cleared my acne that was sitting around on my jawline for weeks!

  225. vlanesilva

    So far it’s great, but holy weed smell Batman!!

  226. lmondville44

    Smells good very little is needed

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