Deep Cleanse Face Masque



Help to eliminate surface impurities and toxins from the skin with this ultra-effective masque. Containing Amazonian white clay to detoxify pores and refine your skin’s texture; removing everything that your skin doesn’t need, without stripping it of its essential moisturising factors.

Reviews (239)

239 reviews for Deep Cleanse Face Masque

  1. Beth Jones

    I was very cautious of buying this product as I’ve had so many bad experiences with face masks in the past, but this one was a lovely surprise. My skin has never felt so good.

  2. Spiros

    This is the best face mask I have tried to date! (Believe me I’ve tried many!) -Wash Cannalogica’s mask off after 10 mins and your skin is glowing for a full 2 days !!

  3. Aliki

    I have to say- I loved the overall packaging of this product. Very chic and clean. It almost perfectly represents the content awaiting inside. The experience of this mask from start to finish is very delightful. Personally, during the winter, my skin is prone to dryness. And so, with a weekly application of Cannalogica’s masque along with their daily hydration moisturizer and night blemish cream- it’s a match made in heaven. AND GEEZ. Im not quite sure if it’s from the CBD content, but my face always feels serene. Blissful products. MUST TRY seriously. Your skin will thank you and you will thank me (:

  4. annakahope04

    I have super sensitive skin, the first time I used this it had a slight tingle as I was currently suffering from some serious irration, by the 3rd day of using it I noticed my irration had reduced and my skin felt softer.

  5. shirleyt602

    It has a slightly weird smell.

  6. trancescendproductio

    My face smells amazing plus good and hydrated by just a couple small drops so it will also last for a while

  7. rebecca_harris184

    This oil is really heavy and hard to dispense only 1-2 drops bc it comes out of dropper really fast. I want to love it. I really like the smell. Maybe ok when my face becomes really dry over the winter month.

  8. Lindsey_pullan

    Smells good and makes my skin feel nice!

  9. greatwalonzo

    Its a nice, light facial. Doesnt feel too heavy going on and spreads evenly and easily.

  10. amberleigh1219

    I like this didn’t leave my skin feeling really early or bring out the next day left me feeling just hydrated

  11. Vallycat

    Good texture

  12. brandi_snow

    Love the lemony smell of this oil. It makes my skin feel super soft and is nice to use after facial treatments.

  13. Jzinniel

    This feels kinda heavy and greasy

  14. kristencake83

    Love how it feels not crazy about the scent

  15. jennybef318

    I love the smell. It smells very citrus and clean. It gave my skin a nice glow and took care of the dry areas on my face.

  16. pumpkinsbeautypatch

    Smell nice and light. Once it soaked in to my skin it made my skin feel smooth.

  17. Faithfhc

    Actually works üíï

  18. Mock

    It smells nice and makes my fave soft

  19. llbruffett

    It’s just alright. Not super impressed

  20. cosmeticlust

    Smells really strongly of lemongrass. Moisturizes & sinks in well.

  21. jencoffer31

    This is my first face oil, I liked the feeling of hydration…at first is has a real “outdoors/seasoning” scent, but it starts to go away after about 20 minutes.

  22. yun_grant

    Definitely has a smell of marijuana, but keeps your face hydrated. The smell does go away after you apply it on your face. I definitely like this product

  23. brandi_m_gaede

    My skin felt so nice after this, would have been a five ‚òÜ if it wasn’t so greesy and oily

  24. denise_minor0605

    I like facial oils but the smell was overpowering and just smelled like weed. I’m sure others would like it but it just wasn’t for me.

  25. SaraKC

    Seems hydrating. I haven’t used it enough to notice effects. Smell is not offensive but not wonderful either.

  26. Jenny4-G

    Face oils aren’t really my thing but this one absorbed well without feeling greasy

  27. mandy61683

    I used it once and I like the feel and love the smell

  28. jenniferteague2000

    Feels really good on my skin, but the scent is a little strange.

  29. kristen_dewar

    Don’t be dumb like me and use this under makeup ü•¥

  30. teesmyther_cms

    Waiting to see if it’s going to break my skin out

  31. yanicolin07

    Leave my skin feeling moist and soft without feeling grease.

  32. Dklchavez

    Its ok if you like facial oils. I already have oily skin so I dont need this one.

  33. shaysglitter1982

    I use oils that has a scent and this scent is good.

  34. delilah242


  35. angelriley30

    Soft and smooth

  36. ngraves482

    First of all I love the smell! I am new to face oils but I love the way this one makes my face feel and look. I’ve used it a few times so far but will definitely keep using

  37. bettyrage65

    This will do me a ton of good in tge dry winter months.

  38. clkufel

    Nice product and nice citrus scent.

  39. sherbear0713

    It’s not bad. Just a regular face oil from what I can tell. I like argan oil for my face the most

  40. slsimpson82

    Smell is a little strong

  41. jennma44

    it absorbs well and feels nice on the skin. nit into the branding and the hemp or other related products

  42. mrs_jbarnett

    This is a nice lite oil.

  43. MidoriBear

    I love face oil, and this product is very nice. But $50!? I have had a equivalent product at a much cheaper price. Therefore 4 stars.

  44. karab0610

    I don’t know this brand but I’ve been liking face oils. They seem to help my skin look and feel better. Not sure about the other ingredients in this product but we’ll see.

  45. sarahmorcher81

    Takes a bit lo ger to absord than i typically prefer but can tell all day that your skin is great. By day 3 i had just started putting a few drops on my foundation brush with foundation and am just floored. I have to only give 4 stars tho…cause honestly i have smelled less citrusy lemonade than my face.

  46. jmeekins2957

    I am not too sure what the difference between a serum and a facial oil is but I can say that I do like this facial oil a lot a little goes a long way and it felt like my skin really did observe it and I used it at night and in the next morning my skin was nice and soft and it didn’t make me break out so give it an A+

  47. brandiehudock1984

    Leaves face kind of oily but other than that its a nice facial oil

  48. deidra1

    Really like the scent and like oils. I’m only halfway through my Sunday Riley so I don’t see me using this for a bit but kinda excited so maybe I’ll use this for my pm routine

  49. MER1981

    I’ve never used anything from Cannalogica before, but so far this face oil is yes turning out to be one of my top favorites. I do have a Lotta face oils 😄

  50. cjbaniszewski

    looking forward to using this in the winter months when my skin gets drier

  51. Lendico2

    I am reviewing for points because I haven’t opened this yet. Need to finish current oil

  52. papaya023

    Feels silky and hydrates well.

  53. Cajmere23

    Meh. Just another greasy face oil. What exactly is it supposed to do? Make me look n feel slippery??! It smells citrusy tho, or wait no that’s the Elizabeth Mott vitamin C scrub I used before this. Omg that stuff is amazing.

  54. jeannerievert

    Smells absolutly delcious

  55. csirni

    Not big on facial oils but this one is nice. Might use more in winter

  56. superartteach5

    First time with this brand, didn’t feel too heavy on my face. Like it so far.

  57. Angelashane

    The scent is heavy,but the oil is light weight. My face feels smooth and moisturized after using it. I look glowy

  58. jlors

    Still trying

  59. kklenczar

    Very strong lemon smell. It did not linger. My skin looked so good after I put it on.

  60. iva1026

    It is okay, I do have dry skin but not something I will use everyday.

  61. cbcrush123

    Smells nice. I’m not sure I’m onboard with face oils but a couple drops doesn’t feel too bad on my skin.

  62. meliascarmack

    New to facial oils. With that said doesn’t leave face greasy. Love the smell. Seriously only use 2 drops.

  63. analuisaarriaga

    it is ok

  64. Jei1

    This is nice and light and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, which is nice. I’m on the fence about the smell though.

  65. rachelstubbs001

    Very light weight oil-absorbs nicely and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy

  66. ljadams79

    This is nice and absorbs well but not crazy about the very strong citrus smell

  67. heatonangela

    I just started to like face oils. Excited to try this one.

  68. aone1979_aw

    I love the unusual smell of this it really does make my skin look healthy.

  69. byrnes_lewistree

    Dried my face a little

  70. angelkittytt

    Like it

  71. jojo79daddysgirl1313

    I have never tried this product or this brand. Im saving this for the cold dry months. I have a few face oils opened now. I love the ingredients and the fact that it is a “clean” brand. I think it will be beneficial this winter.

  72. sshees34

    I like face oils and this is ok. Disappointed in the abundance of skincare this month.

  73. christy1979f


  74. kaci75068

    Seems great so far

  75. esparagozaanalisa

    Face feels nice

  76. Jcastle0522

    It’s a good oil it works really nice in my face,but the smell it’s not to my liking 👎It could be better if it change the way it smells

  77. Iknowaquarius

    So it doesn’t feel oily and ansorbs nicely. The rating is not 5 because it smells like lemon pledge.

  78. Lzyrvrlvr

    The smell is a bit strong, but I’ve had worse. This seems to work so far, I had a small breakout around my chin and this cleared it right up. You don’t need to use that much and it does take a minute to settle into the skin.

  79. boobookitty8888

    I see I’m not the only one that thinks this smells like dank weed… other than that, the oil works well.

  80. chubbawubba227

    Really nice face oil that didn’t make my face greasy and gross.

  81. spence41

    It smells wonderful and feels good on the skin. The applicator doesn’t hold the serum it runs out but other then that its great.

  82. Kelletrue

    Feels nice. Scent is a little strong.

  83. ronnavee07

    I like the oil but not the scent

  84. cruz_medina2714

    Haven’t try it yet

  85. melaniermccormick


  86. Kurlytop77

    I love face oils so i was happy to receive this. Hvnt used it yet cuz i hv a few open already

  87. rshellw381432

    Smells good and my face felt soft!

  88. Bairbref

    It smells a bit strong but so far I like it.

  89. kcarlso78

    Good could habe better smell

  90. chicbabymama

    Havent tried an oil before so I’d have to see the results. But goes on nicley

  91. agekkage

    Havent tried. I have a lot of facial oils to run thru. Im sure it will be a nice formula.

  92. coca_daemon_1974

    Makes my skin feel soft and smells nice too.

  93. Mrs_tiffany

    Not a fan of the smell.

  94. corron78

    This oil absorbs really nicely without being greasy. I can probably use this during the winter when my combo skin gets a little drier.

  95. mcardona34

    Haven’t used it yet.. will wait fir summer since my skin feels a little oily at the moment

  96. jkrenz77

    I happen to love facial oils as I have drier skin and contrary to a lot of reviews, I find the scent refreshing. It has a slight cbd smell, but I like it. I use it on face and body when needed. I find that it does the job and leaves my skin feeling supple and smooth. Some serums can feel sticky and some oils too heavy and greasy, but this one is a go-to item for most nights after washing my face and having that tight feeling from living in a dry climate.

  97. nhousman

    Super hydration!

  98. harp_jody

    Nice facial oil. Very hydrating

  99. imajicasnow

    Haven’t had a chance to try it yet

  100. o2blovedbyhim

    I like how it feels on my face but i have to use dawn to wash my hands

  101. kerlarap

    This feels too oily for my face, but it’s lovely as a moisturizer on my arms and legs.

  102. ramzbobamz46

    The oregano smell is not my favorite.

  103. cbonet76

    It did moisturize my face and my face didn’t feel oily

  104. beckettvols

    The smell is a little strange.

  105. Biancasmithbenedict

    Good oil. Very lemony

  106. marisaelm

    The oregano smell isn’t unpleasant but also is not my favorite.

  107. art_of_alchemy

    Didn’t care for the smell

  108. patty_orozco

    Looks an excellent oil and has good reviews. Will save for the winter months.

  109. jhalcomb4

    It has a very strong lemon smell but it seemed to make my face soft and the redness went away so I will continue to use it!

  110. marnihennings

    The smell reminds me of citronella and it fells a little greasy

  111. leilaniluce

    Looking forward to trying this. Smells nice. I already use Sunday Riley Juno oil everyday so trying to incorporate this new oil may be a challenge.

  112. kellybennett399

    This worked really well for me. It really hydrated my face and made my skin feel soft. Love the fact that it’s a CBD product. Good pick ipsy and it’s a clean product too!!

  113. roro1976

    I like the I received an oil because my skin gets really dry in the coming fall and winter months. I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know if this will be a good quality oil or not yet but I have high hopes.

  114. osyyris75

    I like

  115. destasmith43

    If you have dry skin it works

  116. briantinaryan

    Smells like lemon. Very hydrating.

  117. retropetro2

    Has a lemon smell to it but feels good on the skin

  118. Cornishalways


  119. kevori0309

    A far #2 to my COSRX facial oil I was sent awhile back by Allure.

  120. amf516206

    Interesting to try this new brand, no gross smell and hydrating

  121. sararose5

    I love how it made my skin feel

  122. lu52398

    Product works well but has a strong scent

  123. collectivecmgmt

    I would give it 5 stars but the smell is not great. It feels great on my face and absorbs nicely.

  124. Kara_Stokes

    Smells a little like weed.

  125. jennibabygirl95

    This stuff is great for rosacea, and actually really like the smell too . Left my skin nice and moisturized and glowing .

  126. brinkmanjennifer

    Nice oil. I like how it is thicker and absorbs. Not watery and wet/sticky like some other oils I have gotten.

  127. TinaMcvey152713

    So soothing on my face helps with blotchiness also üòç‚ù§

  128. leelee4721

    It feels good. Moisturizing. It sits on the skin and takes several hours to absorb. It smells like lemon pine sol and marajuana.

  129. goldenecho4812

    Not a face oil I’ll use much but I’m excited to try it.

  130. a_mariebug

    Love that its cruelty free, excited to try it!

  131. Good2bdj

    The smell is a little off putting but the benefits are nice. My girls really like this and have taken it off my hands.

  132. anbooker

    I found this to be a fast absorbing face oil. The scent is earthy. Apply prior to moisturizer but allow it to soak in first.

  133. Luvfauna


  134. MissMaryMagpie

    It’s ok, but I’m taking a star off for the strong smell.

  135. brandalena

    very strong smell

  136. shebeast007

    So far i really like this. A bit of an odd smell but nice.

  137. janamccleary

    I am not sure how I feel about this product. I like the way it left my skin but the smell is so strong. My skin was so soft.

  138. zebluvsttf

    So I’m a fan of face oils. I get how you younger ladies might not be. Best thing to do is drop a few drops in your moisturizer before you go to bed, instead of using it straight. Like 5-8 drops. Also try a few drops in your body lotion. Face oils are game changers for older or dryer skin. This is a good one! Smells like I rolled a big fat joint and rubbed it all over me but that’s fine. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  139. foxywarrior

    If you like oils it’s a good oil. The only thing I don’t really like is the scent.. I use oils all the time and this is the most potent in scent. I think it’s the CBD, but I’m not sure.

  140. monika029

    I’ve only used this once but it took a while to absorb. It had a light scent to it that seemed to stick for a while. It didn’t bother me but I could see how it could bother others. It felt good on my skin and I woke up to soft skin. It’s too early to tell but I do plan to use it nightly and see how it works on my skin.

  141. thompsonsonya40

    I thought it was a really nice cleanser. Doesn’t dry out your skin.

  142. christine122

    I hate the scent of most hemp/CBD products, but this one has a nice lemongrass scent that has just a hint of that note that I hate which makes it bearable. I have been using this when I need an extra boost of moisturizing because it is a little too much for my oily face on a dialy basis.

  143. kristihi7

    Had never tried this brand it’s pretty good

  144. milf2beat

    I don’t know yet, I’m going to give it more time.

  145. my2cents_erin

    This oil is nice and rich and is loaded with goodness. It goes on thick but does soak in after a few minutes and I was able to put my moisturizer on top of it for the night just fine. It DOES smell like cannabis tho…so if you don’t care for that smell, like me, just be aware. I will put up with it bc I know it has great skincare benefits!

  146. carriebillingsley

    The oil itself is great but the smell is a little off putting.

  147. lizzykfuller

    Great for winter!

  148. shortyswife718

    I love face oil! This one was a good one!!!

  149. Sadplaidgirl

    I would give it 5 stars because I love love love face oils but I’m not allowed to use thc products due to drug testing. I’ve asked and asked and they say not to chance it. So, I’m having to share this product with someone. I’m so sad because I really wish I could use it!!

  150. Cyncaspers

    Feels great on skin.

  151. renfield7214

    Thinner oil than most. Was not unpleasant to smell, soothed skin.

  152. mewaikel94

    I don’t know how it works but it helps my face absorb my CC cream and I love it! The smell is ok not very pleasing but I still love it.

  153. datharney

    Not too greasy. I liked it.

  154. takakomolgard

    love the smell

  155. Tnangel

    Seems nice , still needs time to see how it does tho

  156. jamaciamistakaa

    Little bit worried about using due to sensitive skin, but so far it’s been really good for my skin. No where near as nice as Herbivore, but it’s still a good product.

  157. stokleymichaelta

    I think if it was cooler and less humid in my part of there country I would have enjoyed this more. It didn’t sink in as quickly as some other face oils I’ve had in the past. I’m going to try it again in the late fall and give it another chance.

  158. Kimboslice7035

    It didn’t smell good but worked well I liked adding another step to my routine.

  159. Johannahaas

    It’s a nice oil, not too greasy. Smells a bit like weed.

  160. karen_schulteis

    I absolutely love the lemongrass smell. A little goes a long way.

  161. perraulttrina1132

    Dont care for the smell, but overall seems to be good.

  162. ritaw3111

    This product was ok. Did not like the smell.

  163. mickelshawne

    Smell good! Very moisturizing!!

  164. kerbare796

    Not my thing i really can’t give it a bad review because i think it did what its supposed to. I like fine lines and wrinkle creams or serums.

  165. Rubymoon_1968

    This would not be a first choice in facial oils for me. I am not a huge fan of CBD in skincare and I already have a favorite face oil by Sunday Riley that I like.

  166. broomfieldbrockways

    I really like face oils, but I don’t care for the scent. It is too Earthy for my taste. If I liked the smell better, I would really like it.

  167. kmack730

    I really don’t like the hydration oils but this one is pretty nice I use it in the morning and before bedtime. My skin looks and feels soft and youthful

  168. cprincesszelda

    It seems like a nice face oil!!

  169. Helena_rivera10

    This one is ok. The smell is a little weird. It seems to do the job.

  170. tntmesa

    Nice product.

  171. nacleriodina

    Nice dropper for applying the oil. Has a strong lemony fragrance. At first it was very strong smelling, but I forgot all about it and liked the way it made my skin so soft and dewy.

  172. loveelvis19

    Smells amazing

  173. miblangel62

    Smells little earthy, but figured it might. It does make my skin feel softer so I do like it, but mainly using at night.

  174. cshepley

    Nice oil lightweight. Feels good on my face.

  175. catnap1999

    Nice face oil! Very moisturizing!

  176. dianasmithdean

    Light and smooth facial oil

  177. gailbgoldfarb

    Never heard of the brand, never used face oil. Seems nice for my older dry skin. I love trying new things

  178. katieann1111

    Always love skin care oils

  179. stokiemon23

    I wasn’t sure about this since I don’t care for facial oils. This one absorbed better then most and left my skin very soft

  180. Kdwhite1228

    Nice moisturizer with a fresh scent of lemon

  181. kimfit

    Nice product-soothing.

  182. manonmortis

    I’ve only used it a few times is why I’m giving it 4 stars. But I really like it!

  183. helencyr1962

    I have never heard about it till now . i like that it’s great and soaps right in at least I put it on after I clean my face when I get home and it’s looks right into my skin all evening so when I go to bed perfect

  184. McDStylist211

    I’m not too sure about the scent and this seems a little bit heavier than the previous oils I have received. But I have only used it twice so we will see.

  185. carfle0001

    Nice. Smells good, very light oil.

  186. Colleen-

    Cant use peppermint and citrus oils

  187. stacyrodolff60

    I used in the evening and felt that my skin felt softer in the morning.

  188. trom_s

    This is a little oily but feels great!

  189. laurarucker60

    I haven’t tried it yet bit if it anything like the Cottage Greenhouse oil I will love it. Oils have worked great on smoothing the wrinkles on my face. 😍

  190. mcmillanbarbara

    Strong smell

  191. jdmark14

    This oil is very hydrating. I can even skip moisturizer! It does have a strange smell but once on you don’t really notice it anymore.

  192. dchest42

    Not crazy about the smell of this one

  193. lindseydeborah62

    Every product I’ve received from ipsy is fantastic, I love it, everything I’ve used has worked for me. Thank you ispy.

  194. Sasspear

    Thicker than my current oil and stayed tacky. Not a fan of the scent

  195. phillips_kr

    Nice fresh scent. Feels good on my skin.

  196. cjwkuout

    Great fragrance but a bit greasy for my liking.

  197. lablauvelt64

    Love all skincare products!!!

  198. Ali-S

    This took longer to be absorbed than I prefer, but I think it would make a good winter product for me. Not too crazy about the smell.

  199. empis29

    My skin feels so soft and it’s light not heavy will buy again when it is finished

  200. wandafayw

    Makes my face nice and smooth

  201. M_Tateona_D

    Haven’t used it yet, but I am sure it’ll be nice to use

  202. kileymupton4

    so soft!

  203. amelialyon2552

    Love it !!! Makes my face so soft !

  204. macylm

    This feels amazing on your face but I don’t need any more face oils.

  205. julievizcaino1

    smells amazing and the products are great

  206. hruexk

    I love the way it felt on my skin out of the shower , 4 hours later i still felt it on my skin . so hydrating and keeps the part of my skin that flakes from flaking at all!

  207. squiddle1232


  208. abby98406

    Was amazing

  209. judithvelasccoo

    leaves me skin looking dewy

  210. haleyyramirez7

    Definitely works like a lotion moisturizer!

  211. Kmendozadiaz1028

    I love this product it makes my skin feels good .

  212. madison_antoine03

    Made my face red

  213. christylittler

    The package and quality is good

  214. whyychasittyyy7

    love it. it smells good too

  215. leahcgamble

    I’m not much of an oil person, but this one is great! It is very thin compared to some others I have used in the past which was perfect for me. It also smells clean and amazing!

  216. micahnickole03

    Smells really good and made my face so smooth

  217. reeder_nicole18

    It makes your face feel really smooth and it’s a great moisturizer

  218. ramireznatalie273

    I really like the texture.!!

  219. shortycruz95

    Loved this it kept my face hydrated without being oily

  220. giovannafugi

    Smells so good and actually works , let ur skin felling fresh and hydrated ++ w the best smell you can get

  221. Lexxii526

    I love how it keeps my face hydrated

  222. tatumhumphrey11

    Super great product!

  223. kward3692

    Smells fantastic leaves my face smooth and hydrated without feeling oily. Leaves a glowing look. A little goes a long way.

  224. pandatwin04

    Love the oil

  225. nerdygeekdiva

    This didn’t work for me..but my mom loved it and said it was great for her dry skin.

  226. KelechiS

    Love the feel and it smells great and natural

  227. nailahrg10

    So far love it, scent has a hint of lemon with the cannabis smell, not overbearing at all though, no one else will smell it. Gave my face some hydration so far today.

  228. ama5377

    I absolutely love how this smells! I don’t have a hydration problem but it smells and feels amazing. It’s super potent too. You only need 3 drops on your face

  229. wrosiefern

    Smells very citrusy and reminds me of lemongrass

  230. faithculinarian

    This face oil is a dream! It feels so moisturizing, and soaks in well.

  231. amberhayes45971

    Smells natural. It’s very nice quality

  232. alexgcorrales41520

    It made my face really smooth and glowy!! I loved it <3

  233. cynthia1992miller

    Soooo good! And leaves you glowy

  234. venegast019

    It’s a light weight oil but has a big impact I love!

  235. lilmissleanna3

    Love it!!

  236. mayaisabella2000

    Seems nice haven’t tried it yet

  237. cawells73

    I absolutely love this product! Firstly, I’m always excited to try out clean beauty products, so this was an immediate bonus. I love the packaging, it looks neat and professional. With the actual product, I was highly impressed. You can definitely smell the cannabis in it, but you mostly get a lemongrass scent, which is very pleasant and calming. I’ve been using it for a few days, morning and night, and it has drastically hydrated my face without leaving an oily mess. It soaks in well even with other products on, and it has smoothed out my complexion. Definitely a newfound favorite.

  238. josephleilaaa


  239. sammyjo90771

    Love serums. But I think I have enough now

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