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Cannabis Sativa Reviving Oil


Infusing Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and its Hemp Seed Oil Carrier with Botanical Oils, this facial oil helps reduce the appearance of fatigue resulting in energised, radiant skin. Infusing full spectrum hemp extract properties with Ginger Root, Sunflower Oil and Tamanu Oil, this antioxidant serum helps skin look fresh and healthy all day long!

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Refined Hemp Seed Oil. Aqua/Water, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Alcohol Denat., PEG/PPG/Polybutylene Glycol-8/5/3 Glycerin, Hydroxypropyl Tetrahydropyrantriol, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, PPG-6-Decyltetradeceth-30, Phenoxyethanol, Salicylic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil/Lavender Oil, Disodium EDTA, Adenosine, Linalool, Butylene Glycol, Tocopherol, Citrus Aurantium Tachibana Peel Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract.


Sunflower Botanical Oil
Sunflower Botanical Oil is extracted by molecular distillation to help preserve efficacy. Within our formula, it helps strengthen the skin barrier while helping smooth and hydrate.
Directions for use:
  • Lightly pat several drops all over face in an upward circular motion, avoiding the immediate eye area
  • For use in the morning
  • If contact with eyes occurs, wash thoroughly

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Reviews (126)

126 reviews for Cannabis Sativa Reviving Oil

  1. Kyle Mckendrick

    perfect oil for facial hydration.

  2. Roger Jones

    never used anything that has the same effect, bought 3 times now you have sold out.

  3. Beth Jones


  4. basketmagmom


  5. ledbetter_kadence

    a little goes a long way. Love the smell!

  6. KawaiiTooru

    Smells really nice and feels good, helps with my acne medicine.

  7. ariesjj03_jj

    I am so happy I got to pick this for one of the 3 items in my bag this month. I just have to say some of the reviews on this product are just Hilarious to put it kindly 🤣 On another note, I cant wait to use it!!! It has CLEAN ingredients and Great Benifits to the skin. So I cant wait to incorporate it into my regimen. Thank you so so much Ipsy!!!

  8. tsymbalyuknatalie30

    Absolutely amazing! Smells sooo good and so hydrating, definitely a repurchase!

  9. lmaury15

    Smells amazing, love that is clean and vegan!

  10. tamarajowilliams

    Meh. I love face oils but this one isn’t anything special.

  11. natcat510

    I love this face oil. The lemon smell is amazing! It starts off strong, but not too strong, then it goes away after a while though. The oil itself is very light and absorbs quickly without leaving my skin greasy. Definitely perfect for winter months and every month probably. I wake up to smooth, moisturized skin in the morning.

  12. Askoegard

    Smells good and lemony. Good hydration

  13. shantel_robinson123

    This smells really great and my skin feels super super smooth

  14. CheechIsHere

    It smells dank as hell, but man, if my skin doesn’t love this stuff.

  15. laurenpmaki

    Absorbs really well, hydrating, and helps other skincare go on smoothly.

  16. iitsjustjenn

    Love the scent and the way it feels/looks on my face

  17. afabry

    Love it!

  18. codyalexandra18

    Very nice for winter

  19. jaimilynsimmers

    Smells strongly of lemon, but is very good product. A little goes a very long way

  20. mcaitlanm

    I use this and a cace roller and my skin looks great

  21. nikkisha_carnley

    Feels nice on skin.

  22. ua01320

    Really like this product

  23. paigeybo

    Loved the way this felt on my face. Left behind smooth moisturized skin without oily residue. Love the smell of this. Very light and clean.

  24. ckeith2010

    This is definitely a night time only oil – but I wake up glowing! I’m fairly oily during the day so I think I would look like an oil slick if I used this under my makeup. The lemon scent is really nice, but if you are sensitive to smells – you may want to pass on this. It does lessen redness, which is really pleasing!

  25. ElisaEve

    great oil for gua sha

  26. Kathelys

    The bag hasn’t arrived. I’m just rating bc I would like to receive more of these products but hardly considering quiting Ipsy as the shipping services are awful.

  27. nari_lomidze

    Super for dry skin

  28. Tiny_Bunnie

    Utterly amazing!! I love the smell

  29. gabrielleefullen

    I like this product, the smell is definitely different but it‚Äôs a good different 🙂

  30. kathrynhilding

    Adding this to my skin care routine !!

  31. LeahJones7

    I love this stuff! The smell is heavenly

  32. stayz80


  33. lizloera

    Not a fan of the smell. Soaked in nicely to my dry skin.

  34. Glover_michelle046

    Omg i love this stuff! This actually keeps my faced hydrated and i really need that during this cold weather. Love this!!

  35. yeselovestytynka

    Great product it was hydrating

  36. melissakosak93

    My dry skin loves face oil, I‚Äôm not mad at the cannabinoids either 😉

  37. ashley_ramon0

    Face feels amazing after application and smells great too!

  38. its_nena

    What a fantastic product

  39. Nhannosh

    I surprisingly like this a lot. It makes my face feel really soft. My face is usually really dry in the winter and this has really helped keep it hydrated. It feels a little oily at first but dries up nicely.

  40. snichols2000019

    I’m really excited to get this I haven’t tried it and I can’t wait to

  41. jinnyyar

    I love the smell!!! This product make my face soft and bright!

  42. erin_mingos

    Just a dab will do 🙂 truly soothes irritated and dry skin

  43. msicandy86

    The smell is amazing and it doesn’t leave you greasy

  44. milalesueur

    Amazing stuff! I use it in my night time routine, and love it. Works great, and absorbs completely overnight

  45. Ashleyshearer00

    The lemongrass scent is divine! This oil feels amazing on my skin.

  46. Jcgoldman85

    Face feels amazing!

  47. nikkidawn1224

    Love oil.

  48. marysantillo

    This product is amazing!! I would definitely buy this again!

  49. rosavega1986

    I like it just has a smell I’m not feeling

  50. Sfaucett86

    I love serums!! This one has a bit in a citrusy scent, light and nice. Keeps my fave moisturized.

  51. rmarquart27

    This feels so luxurious and hydrating on the skin. I definitely see a difference when I use it overnight. It’s hydrating yet lightweight. Like the smell also.

  52. kmania_communication

    Love that this oil is a clean beauty product! So moisturizing and smells very lemony, which I love!!

  53. Kameronr07

    I love love love this product so much. I’ve only used it twice now and It isn’t oily at all. It smells like lemons, not chemical lemon, but more of an Herby lemon üçãüçãüçãüçãüçã love it

  54. eliseg45

    Smells amazing

  55. shannyk85

    I really love this serum. It smells very citrusy and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. The only thing that I don’t like is that it takes forever to dry but when it does it feels great.

  56. cbenally14

    Works good as a moisturizer and soothes redness

  57. JupiterKitty85

    I started using this when I got my bag. So far my skin is feeling better with the moisture department!

  58. melonrich

    Ooohhhh myyyyy gooooodnessss. This is now my favorite oil and I must protect it at all costs. It smells wonderful and made my skin feel absolutely delightful.

  59. aashwee1984

    Smells amazing üòç

  60. lizzuritto

    Smells great cant wait tik

  61. bridgesfawn1984

    Love oils and serums

  62. miz_jxn

    I thought I loved Sunday Riley’s UFO the best… then this magic arrived on my doorstep & gave it some serious competition. Fantastic call, adding oregano oil to this cocktail. I write a lot of five star reviews but this deserves a sixth. I need this on subscription, as I will be ordering it for years to come. If you have problem skin that just won’t stay clear, this is your jam.

  63. namasterica

    So far very nice

  64. Ale_Moreno

    Love it 🥰

  65. meade_stephanie82

    Love anything with hemp oil!

  66. erindirnberger

    This makes my face smooth and feel awake!

  67. mendeaweau

    Smells a bit strong, and I was afraid that it might sting my face. I was surprised when it didn’t. It soothed my face.

  68. Gigi-McCain

    My face really likes this oil

  69. mischkaneversi

    I love hemp oil and the lemongrass really helps the redness. Use it between my serum and moisturizer and has a nice smell

  70. bang_jennifer


  71. Temgrad98

    So moisturizing!

  72. mdjmonroy

    Love this oil

  73. spunky1k

    Great hydration oil.

  74. robertacaraglia

    This is a great face oil. I use this to slick up before gua sha and it’s perfect. Smells great too.

  75. tbone523

    Smells great and keeps my face hydrated

  76. melissa_mcneeley

    I have been using this for three weeks and have noticed a huge change in my skin! I love this!!!

  77. lyndsjoy99

    I have super dry skin- this might be my favorite face oil so far. Soaks in enough it doesn’t leave my face super greasy while still moisturizing.

  78. MsAnneThrope

    Love it. Absorbs nicely. To anyone saying it smells to much like weed – sorry, but you must be a big fan of Nancy Reagan – it smells like limonene.

  79. notsocommon0

    I passed this one down to my daughter and so far she is liking it. She applies it at night, sparingly and said she has started to see and feel results after a few nights.

  80. lissiealkie

    I love the scent and the way it feels on my skin. Not too oily after, and that makes me happy.

  81. michelledelawder

    This oil is perfectly balanced it isn’t heavy or greasy and leaves your skin soft and glowing all day long.

  82. rkrauth78

    I love a cannabis product. I’m a medical patient whom uses medical marijuana daily. I fully believe in the healing powers of cannabis. I also love that it’s a clean beauty product.

  83. Isibabe78

    Excited to try this on. I love face oils but they break me out a lot, so I’m very cautious with what I put on my face

  84. spongebabs35

    I can’t even describe how amazed I am by this product!!! I break out very easily so have always been weary of oils but this one, SOME HOW… makes my skin clearer, less red and happy!!!! I’m a forever customer from now on!!! Thank you!

  85. joleesm19762000

    This smells great. No adverse reactions from using it. My face feels very nice after using it just a short time.

  86. millyortiz65

    Very luxurious. A little goes a long way. Absorbs nicely too.

  87. chrys_sunshine


  88. camlujan621


  89. mandabon8

    Love the scent of this one. I added it to my morning routine as its very refreshing. A little goes a long way. I also used it as a lip moisturizer mid day.

  90. chelleo7573

    I love how this goes on. The dropper is flexed, which is a nice touch.

  91. weluvdopey

    Love it feels great on!

  92. jerseygirln25

    Makes my face feel soft

  93. srmiller972

    My face feels soft.

  94. melissamay1973

    I was expecting this to smell more like cbd… it smells more like lemon grass… i love the smell and it is not too strong of a sent. The feel was more hydrating then oily… an other big plus.

  95. kathgrawe73

    Love the scent and the moisturizing effects of this oil. It scored a place in my travel bag!

  96. venusmk1123

    I’m not usually a big fan of face oils but I love this one. It m

  97. the_friedrichs

    Feels great..

  98. fernkatt

    Definitely a nightmare thing, I’m using 2-3 times a week. Love the smell and it absorbs well

  99. Lahouze

    Lovely & absorbs well

  100. lcnorris1721

    I can’t really say anything about this yet I got it for a gift. Hopefully my daughter will like it.

  101. amy22x381

    I could not love this stuff harder! My skin is so dry, so this soaks right in and smells AHmazing! So moisturizing! If you use just a couple drops, it won’t leave an oily presence, however I’ve been slathering it in in the evening and within an hour it will all soak in. I’ve never had an acne problem, so I can’t report on that.

  102. omarsan70

    i loved

  103. rwebster1370

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this oil! Sometimes use alone and sometimes put about two drops in my moisturizer if skin is dry. My redness immediately goes away and my skin is so soft and almost glowing after I use it. Will most definitely buy again.

  104. Irwinkimberly22

    Thos is absolutely amazing !makes my skin so soft !

  105. maureentoll

    This oil is so soothing on your skin and smells..AMAZING..love it.

  106. mimianne620

    Excellent face oil! Really nice to use nightly or anytime my skin needs a little TLC.

  107. iricd77

    Left my skin so smooth

  108. pprice5167

    This left my face feeling so soft and moisterized.

  109. bellalynne65

    Great stuff! Makes my face look smooth and renewed!!!

  110. rldodge13

    Seems ok.

  111. yankeegirlinthesouth

    My skin felt soft all day.

  112. ldausi

    This is a nice product

  113. donnacanfield531

    Who would have thought that someone like me would love facial oils so much. I have very oily skin that does get dehydrated. As the last step in my skincare routine this moisturizes but doesn’t cause oiliness or make my skin break out. I love it.

  114. jdg8056

    I just used this for the first time today. I like the lemony smell. It feels nice and my face feels smooth.

  115. eleonoraorozco

    La Amé ; dejó mi cara sin rojeses, muy humectada y suave ; muy buena marca

  116. Esteslatinalinda

    This is new I will be trying it to see if I like it.

  117. Sheilasams100

    Love this productüòç

  118. janalynb84

    Love it on neck and chest

  119. rsroberson2013

    I was skeptical about a face oil but i really like this. Absorbs into my skin really fast and i like the scent. I’d buy after i run out.

  120. dpinales

    Good serum, blends well.

  121. car54whereareu8

    Anxious to try

  122. wisebrooke93

    Needed a good oil

  123. kathygraham5757

    This is amazing. Light on skin. Softer skin in 5 days

  124. pam_quinn

    A couple of drops goes a long way. It leaves you skin looking glorious.

  125. jansharp

    I love this face oil. Smells good and makes my skin so soft!

  126. di_dba

    I like using face oils under my moisturizer.

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