Calming Facial Moisturiser



Allow your skin’s natural glow to be appreciated with our carefully designed daily moisturiser.
This moisturiser hydrates skin to smooth and soften while imparting a soft, subtle facial glow. Infused with Sweet Almond Extract, this formula provides antioxidant protection and boosts radiance over time for a lasting glow. Instantly illuminates skin for a healthy-looking glow.

Reviews (215)

215 reviews for Calming Facial Moisturiser

  1. Beth Jones

    Honestly so shocked at how amazing this product is. After trying so many different skincare brands out there and wasting so much money, I’m very happy to have found Cannalogica.Makes my skin feel brand new.

  2. Jamie

    Very moisturising. Leaves minimal oil feeling on skin and works really well after exposure to sun

  3. Bertie

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  4. Kate_22_ava

    I love face oils. This smells amazing!

  5. ryanj1221

    Love it

  6. ashleycrouse1987

    I love hemp and cbd in skincare! Its so good for sensitive, acne prone skin! Oily skin as well. I tend to mix into my moisturizer (which also contains hemp oil) and my skin glows and is silky. Hoping this helps keep my perioral dermatitis at bay this fall/winter!

  7. bobafettballpython

    Put this on after a lactic acid treatment and it really calmed and soothed my face right away. I have sensitive skin but my skin really soaked this up and loved it.

  8. ashley_bolland

    I love the consistency of this face oil and I feel like it absorbs fairly quickly and gives me a greet glow

  9. blueyedranda

    Love the smell of this as well as it being made with cbd oils

  10. Nethridge

    Whoa! I actually wasn’t looking forward to this oil but after trying it, I’m shocked. It’s suuuper hydrating and soaks in decently for an oil. My skin was instantly more happy looking. Don’t count this one out just yet!

  11. Jessicafeliz90

    Never used it yet but can’t wait till I do.

  12. rcvitek

    I added a single drop of this to my nightly moisturizer, and woke up with the plumpest skin!

  13. Gmariemarie

    Intially did not want this but glad i gave it a try. One of thw besr facial oils ive tried. Absorbs nicely and leave my face soft and hydrated. Does not congest my pores like some of the other facial oils do.

  14. heathernduggan

    Love this. It absorbs well and feels nice. The smell is strong but it’s a scent I enjoy. Love getting facial oils.

  15. Tdwayne2017

    The smell is amazing. The tiniest drop hydrates without feeling oily.

  16. leilaniarias87

    Love this oil! It made my face feel slightly oily but only when I touched it. It did not make me break out so it kept my skin hydrated.

  17. erla_davila87

    Creo q es ideal para piel seca tengo el
    Cutis mixto no me

  18. donna_bourgois3000

    I love this, it’s amazing. Absolutely going to repurchase.

  19. bewmelissa

    Just hope it doesn’t cause breakouts

  20. katiemichaelree

    Love the smell!

  21. Katiependrey

    Looove the scent. Very hydrating

  22. wrlisak

    I love this smell… very organic scent! Feels great on your skin, too.

  23. charglover87

    I have a lot of oils you can only use so much!!! But it is a lovely oil

  24. kiowablife

    I most appreciate every and all skincare related and this oil definitely didn’t let me down. My skin feels very hydrated and plump.

  25. pagejohnson25

    I’ve never used a face oil before. So I’m not sure what to expect. It didn‚Äôt feel greasy. It felt light on my skin.

  26. jrf

    Makes the skin very soft and smells great

  27. magnifascents5

    Love the smell of this! Can’t wait to try it.

  28. beckydangers22

    Makes my skin feel and look like magic

  29. babyrae593

    Have too many oils open so dont want to try yet. All face oils have been beneficial so hope to continue to have skincare options.

  30. tcohen_rag

    I love face oils. I do wish I would that I would have got the hyaluronic acid from 101 skin.

  31. jnuanes28

    I liked using it after the shower and before bed. Really made my face feel really nice and refreshed

  32. juliet_sann

    It’s sooooo amazing

  33. foxandravendesign

    This is probably my favorite one I’ve tried! Great to help me go straight to sleep at night.

  34. jaimieallyn6586

    In my August bag I became obsessed with the Herbivore Emerald oil. It’s seriously the best thing that has ever happened to my skin. I was soooo excited to see this in my September bag as it seems very similar and also comes with great reviews. There are definitely some differences in the ingredients and the way they smell and feel. Only time will tell which one I like better, but thank you for choosing this for me! The smell is so lovely. I love face oils. I love cannabis/hemp products. Win/win. Thank you, Ipsy!

  35. kortneymckee

    I do not generally grab the face oil I have but this one I find myself going for withouy thinking. I love the scent and the way my face feels refreshed and not oily. A little goes a long way and my skin has never been happier. Clean ingredients are a huge bonus.

  36. cayte_taylor_85

    I absolutely love that ipsy choose this for me. Right up my alley

  37. vmbarrett85

    My face was very hydrated

  38. mmag4606

    This is my 3rd “cannabis” item from Ipsy. I quite like all of them. This has the most herbal scent, and it doesn’t bother me. I could see that it might be a bit strong for someone who doesn’t like the herbal scent.
    It is a more viscous texture and takes a while to soak it. Probably use at night time, and on cooler months.

  39. ssullivan20


  40. xacaca22

    its very good oil

  41. mandyshear

    I love cannabis in skin care products. I was thrilled to see this as a choice

  42. myapootie

    I live how this makes my face feel smooth. The scent is refreshing too. This product really exceeded my expectations.

  43. tracy_holloway83


  44. castellon_sarah

    This smells amazing, my daughter likes it too. Very light and my skin soaked it up. I also like to use it on my hands.

  45. jlamstutz1986

    Love this oil! I love the smell as well!

  46. tiffhouk1985

    Just ask around love this

  47. jordanlotterhand

    This smells amazing… my face feels so soft

  48. Tesskovash31

    Tried this tonight for the first time! Nice subtle scent and made my face feel super smooth!

  49. Less_than_human2000

    I love everything about it. Used it ontop of moisture and eye cream and just by itself.

  50. pink65

    Very nice oil love the smell also..

  51. mendysrl

    I love clesn beauty i I can’t wait to try it .lest do it together .

  52. Nicoleshembarger25

    Seems to work good

  53. senorafoster

    Nice smell and feels lovely on face.

  54. miami_heat_1985

    Just in one use I notice how soft and smooth it made my face feel. I would highly recommend this product.

  55. judymegan4

    Nice absorption, I like it

  56. Steph9986

    Feels so nice on my face,smells nice too

  57. jcaugustein

    I love the scent and it feels great

  58. glitzyglamwithjeanni

    Love CBD products and I love skin care

  59. jaime_wheatley

    Love it and smells so good

  60. getyoucleannow

    This is awesome

  61. teribeth86

    I use this to do an oil purge,, love it

  62. garcia13108

    Leaves me feeling soft not oily

  63. paolahernandez1186


  64. tina_deli

    Love love this product. Smells great !!

  65. nikkimac85

    The smell takes a little getting used to but it feels great.

  66. katemartin075


  67. kate_v_beadle

    This had a really nice scent to it, and I love how hydrated my skin felt. I will continue using this, and look for more from the brand.

  68. NumberSix

    Loving the addition and presence of more clean beauty options and CBD containing products! This stuff is great as a slip!

  69. ViolettVee

    This oil smells like weed lemonade. But my skin looks amazing, so I’m OK with it.

  70. efbramlett

    My face is so soft

  71. smoravan521

    Love it

  72. annaavetisyan

    I started use it 3 days ago and the result was perfect from the first day♥️

  73. cassandraburns12

    Super hydrating and helps plump my skin! I even think it helps the subsequent products I use work better! I love this stuff!

  74. nancy03gonzalez

    Awesome product 🤩

  75. kandy593

    I like the smell

  76. rustyassgermanthings

    It IS a bit too oily so I would use for night time

  77. serialmom85


  78. emromthebomb


  79. annismezelsm


  80. mercymademe86

    I don’t know how anyone can think this smells bad. The lemon comes through the most and I just want to bathe in it. It doesn’t seem to absorb fast enough to use in the morning, but I love to slather it on at night

  81. kjigx6

    This is fantastic, i have combo skin and a lot of redness on my fair skin, my redness is clearing up and adding this had been the only change to my beauty routine

  82. tabs0886

    Love this!! My skin is as smooth as baby skin, and no irritation no redness… highly recommend!

  83. vanessasulpizio

    I do love a good face oil but I swear i get one almost every month so i haven’t actually tried this one yet. Seems really nice though. I love cbd & cannabis products.

  84. annicadj

    I love the scent and how my skin feels after use!

  85. ReneeMitchell2017

    I absolutely love this stuff all of the cbd products seem to work out nicely especially for acne

  86. Rissa2000

    Love it

  87. ashleyanf

    Smells amazing! Very moisturizing.

  88. rebecca_harris_cupca

    Nice sheen it gives o the skin

  89. badkittykat903

    Smells really nice

  90. laurenshrek

    I like this oil, it’s not to heavy and doesn’t clog my pores like most others do. I have to be very careful since I have extremely oily skin

  91. lillianaroller

    Smells so good and leaves my face soft

  92. jaejensen

    I’m not really one for face oils because they are too heavy for my skin but I like this one because it is fairly light and not pore cloggy. Leaves my skin feeling soft!

  93. cielanevaeh

    Doesn’t feel oily

  94. emarinilli

    Makes my skin soft.

  95. gracejohnson884

    I usually stay away from face oils but this one felt like magic on my skin and it smells SO SO good!

  96. Twitchey1

    My skin loves this

  97. drewcilla0325

    I have oily skin so I only use face oils sparingly but this one is great!

  98. jdupree16

    Had a nice scent, looking forward to results!

  99. amarissmommy

    I really liked this product. It maade my skin soft and held the moisture well.

  100. reannacg3380

    I always love face oils that hydrate my skin and give me that younger looking skin.

  101. cnturnbo28

    Love it

  102. lessiib

    Smells bright and lemony, used it last night and woke up to glowing skin

  103. OnceInnaBlueMoon

    Awesome little face oil. The ingredients let me know that this is perfect for breakouts, I apply a small amount to a misted face after washing and drying before heavier products and so far so good. It is oil so try not to apply too much and you’ll love the results!

  104. giftforme20

    This was so awesome to be able to try out.

  105. Jessie2815

    Really hydrating!

  106. Hathaway_jonnie

    Feels good, smells great. Super hydrating.

  107. effy_kujo

    Love facial oils, especially ones that are supposed to have inflammatory & redness relief properties. I have too many at the moment to open this one yet but, I have high hopes

  108. yuko_tiff

    Smells amazing, lemon scented and not super oily feeling once put on! I would buy this again!

  109. renaandrich187

    Not greezy or heavy, clean and hydrating!

  110. tuten_maggie24


  111. nikkinichole50

    Love how face glows

  112. makeupmakesmefierce

    My daughter has horrible acne that we are really trying to get under control. At times it actually hurts her. She put this on it and the pain immediately stopped and stayed away

  113. kellispen420

    Love mixing w moisturizer

  114. katiesue11004

    Smells so good and love the feel! Absorbs really well!

  115. mariaflores1985

    Really good oil, I love it

  116. meagan419

    Nice absorbing oil. The scent isn’t my top favorite but it’s not abhorrent. It does help with calming the skin.

  117. Ddownes718

    Amazing face oil , woke up extremely hydrated

  118. spidermom23

    This oil is moisturizing without being greasy, and it smells wonderful!!! You really do only need about 2 drops.

  119. ashley40444

    Cant wait 2 try this!! My whole bag this month is skincare & i love skincare so this is the best bag yet!! Skincare can get so expensive & then if u dont like it ur just stuck with it or give it 2 someone so i love trying skincare in my subscription boxes!!

  120. amandakswick

    This made my skin feel amazing

  121. paj85

    Smells good

  122. Miztiff77

    Awesome stuff

  123. onedaughtermum

    Super hydrating and not oily I love this

  124. sdrennan84

    Won’t receive until after review window is closed… excited to try

  125. sealionsarah

    This smells lovely! Like a combo of a lemon head and a pot head. My skin felt so luxurious and soft afterwards!

  126. CalyDee

    Love it! I’m in love with facial oils and Ipsy did not disappoint.

  127. brittanyjudithanders

    Love this!!!

  128. krystalowens742

    Excited to try this

  129. chantelly1033

    Now I didn‚Äôt get my bag till near the end of the month, so I can not say whether it works or not but I do love the texture of this product. When I see facial oil, I always assume they‚Äôre greasy. Most are but this one is lovely! I do smell oregano but I don’t mind. Can‚Äôt wait to see results, if there are any‚Ķ‚Ķ

  130. lovehayley0702

    Love this product. My face is very oily and I thought this would make it worst but it absorbs well. Smells good too

  131. 2beth84

    Cant wait to try it

  132. jenniferlonon

    Excited to try this!

  133. hmshields3410

    This doesn’t leave skin feeling tacky after applying. Laters well under moisturizer before makeup application.

  134. samanthakayh

    LOVE, Actually does hydrate my skin.

  135. hopemarks56

    I haven’t tried it yet but im sure im gonna love it

  136. annmarie_latta

    Very strong smell, but feels great

  137. mortem_esoteric

    This oil looks really nourishing and nice! I use facial oil every night so I’m excited to have this in my collection. It will definitely be put to use.

  138. bbdeetz

    Loving this particular facial oil, have been receiving/trying a lot recently.
    Clean citrus scent fades after applying, absorbs well, face feels so soft, well-hydrated, visible areas of dry skin immediately diminished.

  139. katfinity129

    Feels soft of the skin

  140. angelica_lisa_b

    I haven’t tried it yet but I just developed some dry areas on my face due to my acne routine so I’m excited to start it!

  141. rachel4237

    This stuff is the bee’s knees!

  142. katfishsticks

    Yeah my face loved this stuff! Not too thick, nice smell, feels great!

  143. haddockt3

    Love this!

  144. margaret_e_seeger

    Thank you for this!!! I love everything about it, the smell, the texture and the healthcare.

  145. hookerbunny

    Smells Amazing, looks amazing, feels amazing & just is amazing! My new favorite oil!

  146. cwardfentonorchards

    I like that its a thicker oil. It doesnt run into my eyes while in bed

  147. Micook1984

    Smells and feels amazing on my skin and I LOVE anything with cbd oil in it. Keep that coming.

  148. mousey69

    It’s ok, just like any other face oil on the market. Pleasant smell.

  149. jrstull83

    I used this for the first time last night, and mybskin absorbed it very well!

  150. sallyseashells84

    Refreshingly nice! Skin felt softer in the morning!

  151. bassk1984

    Im always looking for a product that will hydrate my face, this works great!

  152. Faith807

    I like the way it feels smooth after applied

  153. NicoleMarieGentile

    Really enjoying this product ❤️

  154. tapia142715

    Love it

  155. ashleystoops14

    Excited to try this CBD facial oil!

  156. melissabeatty84

    Left my skin feeling fresh and moisturized!

  157. dianaeatworld

    Says to use 2-3 drops but I felt that was hardly enough. Add that extra fourth drop and felt the coverage for this was sufficient. Very hydrating but you can feel it on your skin. Overall, I enjoy this product.

  158. heydtl

    Actually loved this felt like it really hydrated my face the scent took a little getting used to but enjoyed it throughly

  159. buffy_pursell

    Loved this so much!!! Skin was so soft .

  160. mymyxoma

    Love face oils and the fact ipsy is bringing more clean beauty brands in

  161. jaymesderm

    Looooove this so much

  162. CaptLavender

    I like trying new face oils. This one seems nice

  163. amyrabon803

    Great product and smells good too

  164. Cassytava3

    The scent is intense. Smells like pure lemongrass oil. Surprisingly, it has not caused irritation and works well.

  165. jend560042


  166. beth_vb3

    Not too greasy!

  167. Linds_barnett

    Keeps me moisturized but not oily all day!

  168. nicoleleddy3994

    Love the smell

  169. kyankuik

    I think face oil is very important for the skin!

  170. osagebetty420

    Got my bproduct in my bag. Love how soft

  171. Cherubs

    This made my skin super soft, controlled my oily skin, and cleared my acne that was sitting around on my jawline for weeks!

  172. vlanesilva

    So far it’s great, but holy weed smell Batman!!

  173. lmondville44

    Smells good very little is needed

  174. darkfailurez

    Right now I am on overkill with face oils. But I really like this one and will use it.

  175. lmlockard13

    It leaves your skin feeling so incredible

  176. jenniferdobbeck7911

    Makes my face feel softer

  177. mariacristinanguyen

    It came in damaged

  178. Jeschevy

    I have super dry skin and no matter how much I moisturize, prime, etc.. by the end of the day I’m flaky, itchy, and dying to rinse my face and remoisturize. This product has been a lifesaver!! My skin is soft, supple, and plump. It holds foundation much better and much longer. In just a few days, this stuff has transformed my skin more than any lotion or serum ever has. I’m sold!!!

  179. Bridgetdenver

    Great brand great product

  180. lindsay9883

    I love this oil! It smells fresh and clean. At first it seems too oily, but a little goes a long way and it absorbs beautifully.

  181. sharynswiderski76

    My face has never felt this hydrated or looked this shiny and personally I am obsessed with the smell. It’s a little on the pricey side but a little goes a long way and it’s well worth it. I will be buying this when I run out for sure! It’s soooo good!

  182. clayreception2017

    I love the smell of this, AND it is doing just what it should 👍🏻

  183. Dabnahe


  184. jmince2428

    I can’t say enough about how much I love about this face oil it is amazing!!!!

  185. radiantrae

    I enjoy the smell. Also my face appears to be smoother.

  186. sherrie_nickles

    It was very nice…I’ve gotten a few too many face oils lately though.

  187. aliciaj1984


  188. missmommy82

    This feels amazing on my skin

  189. mrs_michelleleake

    It smells so delicious! My face feels fantastic and looks amazing! Even after wearing a face mask for 8hrs.

  190. lapolla_jessie

    Still waiting for results, but so far I like it

  191. mommi2dri

    I absolutely love this product, it makes my skin super soft and hydrated and I was nervous to put it on before makeup since it’s oil but I put it on and then applied my makeup and my makeup looked flawless!!

  192. andreakuehne83

    This made me breakout but it feels good on your skin. I had to give this oil away to a friend because my sensitive skin just couldnt handle it.

  193. frandanos

    I used this once before bed and the next morning when I went to work, I’ve never received more compliments on my skin, ever!

  194. sheenaharris270

    really love the hemp-derived products!

  195. jessicahonor


  196. jassyj

    Smells amazing; great ingredients with light feel, but impactful nourishment.

  197. alyandkaty

    I absolutely LOVE this face oil!! Super moisturizing without causing breakouts and it reduces puffiness and inflammation and irritation!!

  198. crmitchell71422

    I am excited about this product. I love clean beauty products. I haven’t tried the oil yet because I have two from last month that I have to finish first.

  199. terascharf

    I really like this Face Oil, it keeps my face feeling hydrated & smooth throughout the day! Easy to apply & you only need a small amount so it will last a while!

  200. aebon

    Hydrating, light weight, and smells fantastic.

  201. andrearackley5

    Love it

  202. LAktz

    Love hemp products and face oils!

  203. spongebobluv09

    Makes by still feel so hydrated

  204. mzarie22

    Very nice

  205. AmberPigott83

    I love hemp oil products. The benifits from it are amazing.

  206. atwerkhangout

    I already have plenty face oils but this ones great

  207. brieanshaffer

    I love this face oil! I mix some in with my moisturizer and it leaves my skin soft and not at all greasy. It smells amazing too!

  208. tlh48051

    Love face oil but have gotten enough of them for a while

  209. hmcgraw19

    Not really into many oils, don’t like a greasy face

  210. laurastiso

    I am obsessed with this oil. My skin feels AMAZING and the smell is awakening to me ! I feel so refreshed and hydrated !I have dry aging skin and this is my new go to. Awesome product and excited to check out the brand

  211. crystalxo30844

    Love it

  212. dolcem83

    Feels so good on face

  213. lilstellamarie

    OMG! Love this product! Use it twice a day! The lemon scent is amazing and even my husband loves this product too. Leaves the skin smooth and supple. I want to continue buying this product once we run out.

  214. schellem16

    Love this!!!

  215. ashkegeekygirl

    I love face oil

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