A beginner’s guide to skincare jargon


These are some of the terms you might encounter while researching health and beauty products, with plain-English explanations of what they mean

It’s perhaps not surprising that the beauty and cosmetics industry involves a fair amount of technical jargon. Many skincare products are assembled using artificial ingredients, including chemicals with complex names and compositions. And the desire among manufacturers to make their products seem glamorous has also added a layer of unnecessary complexity in some instances – ingredients lists referring to water as ‘aqua’, for instance.


Because our products incorporate blends of natural oils and butters alongside cannabinoids like CBD, Cannalogica’s ingredients are relatively easy to interpret. However, there’s still plenty of industry skincare jargon which would benefit from translation! Below, we’ve listed ten commonly used terms you might encounter while researching health and beauty products, with plain-English explanations of what they mean. 

If you’ve ever wondered what a serum is, why free radicals are damaging or how an analgesic works, read on…

Analgesic: Roughly translates as ‘acting to relieve pain’. Analgesic qualities are found in many natural plants. Cannalogica uses peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil in our Muscle Recovery Balm, to help soothe heavy and tired limbs.

Botanical extract: Any part of a plant which has been dissolved and added to a solid or liquid substance. Our Calming Facial Moisturiser includes apricot kernel oil and lemongrass leaf oil, both of which are botanical extracts.

CBD: Also known as cannabidiol. One of many naturally occurring cannabinoids contained within the hemp plant. Other cannabinoids include CBG and CBN; each one has different effects on the human body.

Challenge testing: To ensure Cannalogica products deliver on their promises. we are required to undertake challenge testing. An external laboratory tests our products for compliance, using methods which meet various BS ISO standards. (They’ve all passed with flying colors.)

Dermatological: Relating to the skin. A dermatologist specializes in skin-related issues like psoriasis, while dermatological health relates to the quality of a person’s skin. Many Cannalogica products are intended to improve dermatological health, rather than merely being cosmetic in nature.

Free radicals: Often contributing to rough or wrinkled skin, these unstable molecules are created in the body by pollutants like cigarette smoke. Their effects can be tackled with antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin E, which is incorporated into our Muscle Recovery Balm.

Full spectrum: There are over 270 cannabinoids in a full spectrum hemp extract. We incorporate hemp seed oil and leaf extract into our products, drawing in all the different cannabinoids and their distinct properties. 

Parabens: Parabens are synthetically produced by mixing an acid with alcohol. They act as preservatives but potentially disrupt hormone functions in the body1. You won’t find parabens in Cannalogica products, and nor will you find microplastics or any artificial colors and fragrances.

Serum: One of many words in our industry to originate from Latin. Any product which quickly absorbs into the skin’s deeper layers can be described as a serum. Cannalogica markets a correction serum, combining hemp seed oil and extract with lavender oil and tree peony extract.

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